Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pls take note if you are a facebook user

received this from friend.... not sure how true it is... up to you to believe... Message in both Chinese and English...

In Chinese:


『设置』>>>>>『隐私设置』>>>>>『实时动态和涂鸦墙』>>>>>『Facebook广告』>>>>>『无人』再save changes。


p/s : 如果没有转发,你们的照片给不法+变态+没礼貌的广告商使用,别怪我没提醒你们啦~

In English:

Please forward this messege to all your friends who have play facebook, Now Facebook had allowed advertiser to using your or your friend photo to put into advertising. To avoid situation above happend , please follow below instruction :-

Go to 『Setting』>>>>> choose『Privacy Setting』>>>>>『News Feed and Wall』>>>>>『Facebook Ads』>>>>>『No One』>>>>>『Save Changes』.

Remember change to 『No One』at up and down page !

p/s : If you don't forward this to your friends or the others, don't blame me to not inform you the news !

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