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Would you like to know what Chinese Astrology for 2010 has in store for you?

The Year of The Tiger begins on February 14th 2010. Drama, intensity, change and travel will be the keywords for 2010. Unfortunately, world conflicts and disasters tend to feature during Tiger years also, so it won?t be a dull 12 months for anyone. The Year of the Tiger will bring far reaching changes for everyone. New inventions and incredible technological advances have a good chance of occurring. For all of the Chinese horoscope signs, this year is one to be active? seizing opportunities and making the most of our personal and very individual talents. Everything happens quickly and dramatically in a
Tiger year ? blink and you could miss an important chance of a lifetime!

Let?s take a look at each animal, their major personality traits and what the prospects are for 2010, the Year of the Tiger.

The Rat

Rats are charming, elegant and clever. They can be a bit gossipy and prone to being distracted. They?re also thrifty and very good with handling money. Family and close friends are exceptionally important to them. The Rat is charming beyond words and throughout his undoubtedly long life he will always be popular and will have many friends.

Forecast for 2010 The Rat may be feeling quite tired and deflated after 2009, which saw him keeping his head down, working and staying out of trouble. The Year of the Tiger is going to be fast-paced for the Rat, which in itself does tend to make them slightly uncomfortable. But it is essential that they go with the flow and seize opportunities and take adventures ? this year is
going to be important for them. A lot of Rats may have dreamt of travel in 2009 but were unable to take trips either due to financial or work commitments. This year will be so different! Travel will feature strongly for many and if there is dream destination in mind, it may become a reality during 2010. February and March can bring interesting work offers, while June to August and December will bring happy social occasions. Romantically, September and October bring tempting offers for single Rats, while those who are attached will find the summer most special. It is essential for all persons born under this sign to be extra thoughtful and caring throughout the year ? an inadvertent remark or gesture could lead to discord with loved ones.

Interesting Rat Facts:
Zodiac Stone: Garnet
Special Flower: Narcissus
Best Hours: 11 pm -1 am
Season: Winter
Horoscope Colors: Black, White, Purple

The Ox

Sturdy, earthy, no-nonsense ? that?s the Ox. Affectionate and easy-going, the Ox can show a fierce temper when agitated.. He is neat, tidy, quiet and studious, with a great love of his home. Music can be a great love. Family life and a loving partner are high on the Ox?s priorities. A wonderful loyal friend.

Forecast for 2010 The Ox loves methodical planning and everything working out in the correct time. The Year of the Tiger will throw all this to the wind with it?s fast pace and unexpected developments! People born under this sign may find 2010 a challenge but in a good way. The Ox will have to adapt to new routines, delays and obstacles thrown in his way, but he will be well able for any task and may find new hidden talents and personal power he didn?t know existed..

Hobbies, relaxing pursuits and friendships will all be beautifully highlighted during the Year of the Tiger and will provide a welcome relief to any stresses he may face. Home improvements and redecorating plans will move forward smoothly with excellent results. Career opportunities will present themselves from April to June, while exciting, intense romantic encounters are likely in July, August and December. An important aspect for those under this sign in 2010 is to be mindful and caring of loved ones. It will be crucial to listen to them and also to accept any help they may offer during this changeable year.

Interesting Ox Facts:
Zodiac Stone: Aquamarine
Special Flower: Carnation
Best Hours: 1-3 am
Season: Winter
Horoscope Colors: Green, Yellow, Black

The Tiger

Magnetic, passionate and grand! When the Tiger does anything, it?s noticed! Indecisiveness and stubbornness can mar the sparkle of the Tiger personality. On the one hand generous, on the other hand a little mean, it?s sometimes hard to know where one stands with the Tiger. Flexible, honest and truly entertaining, one has a friend for life with a Tiger.

Forecast for 2010 Being the Tiger?s own year, 2010 holds great promise for those born under this sign, with exciting developments happening for them both personally and professionally. Some Tigers may be feeling disappointed and disheartened after 2009 and it will be important to leave the past behind and concentrate on the future, which is looking so bright! Financially, everything improves this year for those born under this sign and money-making thoughts and ideas should be fully explored and investigated. With the fast
pace of this year for all signs, the Tiger needs to take extra care in
planning and thinking all projects through ? no rushing headlong into schemes
during 2010! Tigers looking for romance will possibly see a friendship suddenly develop into something more personal with exciting consequences. August, December and January will see a very active and entertaining social calendar, but all of 2010 will see fun activities for the Tiger. The Spring months, March to May, will bring encouraging and interesting job opportunities, but the Tiger will still have to make sure he puts himself forward and gets noticed at work.

Interesting Tiger Facts:
Zodiac Stone: Sapphire
Special Flower: Violet
Best Hours: 3-5 am
Season: Winter
Horoscope Colors: Green, Blue, Yellow

The Rabbit

Cuddly, warm and affectionate are the attributes of the Rabbit. Mysterious and a great party-giver and host, the Rabbit enjoys being the centre of attention once in a while. The Rabbit is occasionally over cautious and can be a bit boring. He is also one of the luckiest signs in the Chinese Astrology chart.

Forecast for 2010 The focus will be on the Rabbit?s career and job prospects during the Year of the Tiger, with unexpected promotions and recognition very likely. Travel is also highlighted, with short breaks and spontaneous, fun trips featuring during the late Spring and early Summer. Health wise, the Rabbit could find the speed of the Tiger year exhausting and it?s important he balance work with rest and relaxation. Promotion at work or in the Rabbit?s career will be sure to feature and they need to act quickly ? no hanging back to see what happens! Some Rabbits will be dissatisfied with their current living arrangements and the perfect new home may appear most
unexpectedly ? they must act quickly and not miss out! Friendships will play a big role during 2010 with possibly one or two friends needing extra care
and help. May and October to January will bring special and fun social
gatherings. February and March will be significant and fortunate for those looking to change jobs while July and August will be most auspicious for single Rabbits looking for love an unexpected liaison could result from a work related social event.

Interesting Rabbit Facts:
Zodiac Stone: Pearl
Special Flower: Jonquil
Best Hours: 5-7 am
Season: Spring
Horoscope Colors: Grey, White

The Dragon

Assertive, energetic and talented are all words to describe the Dragon
personality. On the other hand, the Dragon has a tendency to be condescending and tactless without realising it. They generally enjoy robust health and tend to be very successful in anything they turn their hand to.

Forecast for 2010 Dragons will find the quick pace of 2010 very much to their liking and they will be keen to spread their wings and look for new possibilities and opportunities. As with the other signs in the Chinese Zodiac, the Dragon must make use of all the openings and opportunities that present themselves during this year. Teamwork will feature strongly and the Dragon will progress further and faster in his career if he bears this in mind. The Dragon?s financial situation will indeed be rosy during 2010 with a possible increase in income as well as a sum of money coming to them during the year. They must be careful to be disciplined about spending and not make too many impulse buys! May to August will be lovely months for socialising
with friends and possible romantic encounters. Dragons do need to remember that love needs attention and if it is taken for granted, problems can arise. May, September and November see the most interesting career changes. Dragons need to take time during the year to have a holiday or getaway with loved ones ? with such a busy year, they must not neglect those who matter to them the most.

Interesting Dragon Facts:
Zodiac Stone: Amethyst
Special Flower: Sweet Pea
Best Hours: 7-9 am
Season: Spring
Horoscope Colors: Black, Gold

The Snake

Intelligent and highly intuitive are two of the Snake?s many fine qualities. He makes an amusing and romantic friend with a definite flirtatious streak. When challenged or criticized he can be a sore loser. The Snake is very lucky with money and is fond of the odd bet or two. He is quick-witted and enjoys reading, music and occasionally the paranormal side of life.

Forecast for 2010 The Snake likes to make slow and steady progress and the Year of the Tiger will find him swept along with unexpected developments ? they need to adapt and keep up the pace. On the career front, the Snake will have quite a bit of competition and needs to stay ahead of the game in order to be in line for any promotions or career advancement opportunities. He needs to seek advice from those who can help and not appear too independent ? working with colleagues will pay off handsomely during the year. Money management will be crucial during the Year of the Tiger and with careful
planning, they should have little to worry about. Time spent with loved ones, either on a well-earned holiday or at home, will rejuvenate the Snake?s
spirit during a busy and intense year. February through April will favor work endeavors and promotion. July through December will offer many opportunities for single Snakes to meet a special romantic partner. Travel looks most likely during March and June through August, with fun and romance well starred. Snakes can be shy and loners, but the Year of the Tiger will ensure they have many happy social events to attend.

Interesting Snake Facts
Zodiac Stone: Opal
Special Flower: Passionflower
Best Hours: 9-11 am
Season: Spring
Horoscope Colors: Brown Gold, Green

The Horse

Fun, charming and attractive sums up the Horse?s traits perfectly. They love parties and crowds and being the centre of attention. They can also be egotistical, hotheaded and impatient. The Horse is a considerate and protective friend and partner and when in his company, there will always be excitement around the next corner.

Forecast for 2010 The Year of the Tiger will be an exciting and lively year for the Horse. On the home and family front, there may be some changes with family members moving in, moving out or relocating to another location altogether. On the social front, the Horse will be in much demand with invitations to parties and gatherings increasing as the year moves on. Health wise, with such a busy year and added pressures, the Horse must ensure that he looks after his diet and gets adequate rest. Otherwise, irritability and heated arguments could arise unnecessarily. Those born under this sign will do exceptionally well career-wise this year. However, they must follow up
leads and career openings with vigor in order to take advantage of the fast
paced energy of the Tiger year. A word of caution for the Horse ? they need to keep a careful eye on their finances as overspending could happen very easily. August through September will bring fantastic opportunities for those looking for love. March through May will be lucky for changing jobs or careers while November and December will bring fun and lively social gatherings.

Interesting Horse Facts:
Zodiac Stone: Golden Topaz
Special Flower: Rose
Best Hours: 11am -1pm
Season: Summer
Horoscope Colors: Orange , White, Yellow

The Goat

Graceful and optimistic, kind and easy going, would describe a Goat personality. They can also be petulant and discontented, likely to throw the towel in at the beginning of a problem. They can be charming without revealing their true feelings. The Goat is very talented and imaginative and can turn his hand to most creative pursuits.

Forecast for 2010 The Goat likes balance and moderation in all areas of life and the Year of the Tiger will ensure that he discovers new aspects and strengths of himself he didn?t know he had! For the artistic and creative Goat, 2010 will bring offers, opportunities and encouragement, leading to new projects and job offers. If they can remain adaptable, open to change and focused, this year could have long lasting positive implications. Study and developing specialist skills is also highlighted for this year. For those wishing to change jobs or find employment, there may be many frustrating
moments and it won?t be easy. But then, out of the blue, a job offer or an
opportunity will present itself. Be ready! September to November will
bring the best chances for work related success. May to September will have outstanding moments for making new, special friends and enjoying the company of loved ones. All Goats need to be aware that the Year of the Tiger is not the time for taking financial risks.. If in doubt or worried, they need to be sure to get the advice of a professional.

Interesting Goat Facts
Zodiac Stone: Emerald
Special Flower: Larkspur
Best Hours: 1-3 pm
Season: Summer
Horoscope Colors: Green, Blue

The Monkey

The Monkey is playful, lively, fun and a quick thinker. They get bored very easily and find it hard to settle down to doing any one thing. The Monkey can also be vain and offhand. They are ambitious and usually very good with investing money. With their quick wit and wonderful sense of humor, they are a great party guest. The Monkey?s life will never be dull and predictable!

Forecast for 2010 The Monkey?s energetic nature will resonate well with the energy of 2010 ? but he will definitely need to pace himself or he will burn out! Changes on the job front could startle the Monkey near the beginning of the year, but by adapting and staying calm, he should weather any storm. It would be wise to take a well-earned break mid-year as all Monkeys will be feeling the pressure that the Year of the Tiger is putting on them. Family expenses may very well increase this year and the wise Monkey will do a little bit of forward planning and budgeting to ensure a smooth passage through 2010. August to October will shine for romantic encounters and the
unattached could possibly find the partner they?ve been searching for. July
to November will be the best time to start making moves for anyone who
wishes to change their job. All those born under this sign will appreciate the support they receive this year from loved ones and friends. Advice will be well-meaning and helpful; be sure to listen carefully.

Interesting Monkey Facts:
Zodiac Stone: Peridot
Special Flower: Gladiola
Best Hours: 3-5 pm
Season: Summer
Horoscope Colors: White, Violet, Green

The Rooster

The Rooster is always popular, extravagant and creative.. They can be brutally honest and generally like being showered with attention. They are wonderfully loyal friends and also give advice freely ? whether they are asked for it or not! Family means the world to the Rooster and they are fiercely loyal to those they care about.

Forecast for 2010 The Year of the Tiger will have mixed fortunes for the Rooster, but by staying calm, observant and flexible, the Rooster will glide through 2010 coming out much wiser, stronger and with great success behind him. He will be in much demand for his sage advice and experience and, at work, this will come to the notice of his employer. Many will also decide to go back to college this year or completely change the direction of their career. Travel features quite strongly with the Rooster seeking out adventure, fun and new places to visit. A word of caution: all Roosters must ensure that they don?t overdo things ? exhaustion and a depleted immune system will result if proper rest isn?t taken. Home life will bring many joys and will be seen as a cozy sanctuary throughout the year. The Spring months and November and December will be excellent for intimate romantic encounters.. March and July to October will be the optimum time for making career decisions or to change jobs.

Interesting Rooster Facts:
Zodiac Stone: Citrine
Special Flower: Aster
Best Hours: 5-7 pm
Season: Autumn
Horoscope Colors: Orange , Green

The Dog

The Dog is wonderfully hard worker, a perfectionist and someone who loves the small details. He is also a bit anti-social, pessimistic and stubborn. They are one of the most honest and loyal signs of the Chinese zodiac and will always go to bat for a worthy cause. The Dog is a fantastic listener and his advice is usually very intuitive.

Forecast for 2010 The Year of the Tiger will be an excellent one for all Dogs with a significant improvement in fortune all year long. They must leave the past behind, for the Ox year was a challenging one, and look forward with optimism and determination. There will still be challenges this year for the Dog, as for all the signs, and it is important that he talk over any potential problems and worries rather than bottling them up. Socially, this is the Dog?s year to shine and many new strong friendships and alliances will be formed. The Year of the Tiger will see increased finances for the Dog with many receiving bonuses or even gifts throughout the year. However, it is
important that he takes his time regarding financial matters, checking details and ensuring that he has read all the fine print. May to August will
be very significant for single Dogs and all invitations should be carefully considered! September through November will have crucial career opportunities ? don?t miss them! Recreational activities and hobbies will also feature strongly, with some able to turn their hobby into their career with great success.

Interesting Dog Facts:
Zodiac Stone: Diamond
Special Flower: Marigold
Best Hours of the day 7-9 pm
Season: Autumn
Horoscope Colors: Silver and Red

The Pig

The Pig is an innocent, sweet and lovable personality. They can also be quite melancholy and over-sensitive. The Pig loves the company of others, and adores parties, gossip and chit chat. They are highly intelligent, but prefer to keep this side of their nature under wraps. The Pig does not care that much for money, but is one of the zodiac signs that is very lucky.

Forecast for 2010 The Pig loves activity and challenges and the Year of the Tiger will certainly provide this. There may be additional financial pressure on the Pig this year, but with prudent spending and consideration, this need not be a problem. The Pig is an open, friendly soul and very trusting, but this year he must be wary. It?s possible that gossip may prove too tempting or that he may listen to false advice, causing upset and trouble. Be guarded and careful this year! The Pig must ensure that he follows up all
correspondence or financial dealings ? to delay or overlook details will
prove costly. Short, fun, unplanned trips will feature throughout the year and will be excellent for off-setting any stresses and pressure the Year of the Tiger may bring. Interest in spirituality and self-development will be to the fore and any opportunity to study and explore these should be taken. November to January will provide excellent opportunities for changing career direction or to find a new job. August to December will prove particularly social, with many fun occasions and opportunities to make new friends.

Interesting Pig Facts
Zodiac Stone: Ruby
Special Flower: Chrysanthemum
Best Hours: 9-11 pm
Season: Autumn
Horoscope Colors: Purple, Red, White

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Monday, December 14, 2009

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Eyes Test to Relax

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Time to RELAX……let’s test our eyes….by looking at interesting pictures instead of figures……This is interesting ! Try it yourself......

Look at the picture below very carefully

Have you noticed the girl in the background?
Noticed her bum? Well look at the picture carefully!
if your answer is YES then go and see an OPTOMETRIST!!!
What you see is the shoulder of the girl taking the picture!!!

What Teachers Make

God bless you all good teachers!

This is dedicated to all the teachers out there.


The dinner guests were sitting around the table discussing life.

One man, a CEO, decided to explain the problem with education. He argued,
"What's a kid going to learn from someone who decided his best option in
life was to become a teacher?"

He reminded the other dinner guests what they say about teachers: "Those
who can, do. Those who can't, teach."

To stress his point he said to another guest;
"You're a teacher, Bonnie. Be honest. What do you make?"

Bonnie, who had a reputation for honesty and frankness replied, "You want
to know what I make?"

(She paused for a second, then began...)

"Well, I make kids work harder than they ever thought they could.

I make a C+ feel like the Congressional Medal of Honor.

I make kids sit through 40 minutes of class time when their parents can't
make them sit for 5 without an IPod, Game Cube or movie rental.

You want to know what I make?" (She paused again and looked at each and
every person at the table.)

''I make kids wonder.

I make them question.

I make them apologize and mean it.

I make them have respect and take responsibility for their actions.

I teach them to write and then I make them write. Keyboarding isn't

I make them read, read, read.

I make them show all their work in math. They use their God given brain,
not the man-made calculator.

I make my students from other countries learn everything they need to know
in English while preserving their unique cultural identity.

I make my classroom a place where all my students feel safe.

I make my students stand, placing their hand over their heart to say the
Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag, One Nation Under God, because we live in
the United States of America.

Finally, I make them understand that if they use the gifts they were
given, work hard, and follow their hearts, they can succeed in life."

(Bonnie paused one last time and then continued.)

"Then, when people try to judge me by what I make, with me knowing money
isn't everything, I can hold my head up high and pay no attention because
they are ignorant... You want to know what I make?


What do you make Mr. CEO?"

His jaw dropped, he went silent.