Saturday, September 11, 2010

How important to listen before making any judgment

Just THINK.....
How Important to Listen Before Making Any Judgment!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sales Negotiation Techniques

1-day intensive practical workshop to prospect, improve and
close more sales through effective negotiation skills

Course date: 24 Sept 2010
Time: 9 am to 5 pm
Venue: Furama RiverFront Hotel
(Former Apollo Hotel) Havelock Rd.
Nearest MRT: Tiong Bahru

Program Overview
This program serves as an introduction to best practice sales negotiations and will meet the
needs of sales person that have some negotiation experience but do not consider
themselves experienced sales negotiators. The workshop is focused on setting in place
principles for the development of robust sales negotiation skills.

Gregory is a very dynamic and entertaining speaker/trainer. With more than 20
years in direct sales, he brings with him a wealth of experience in the field of
personal selling from telephone prospecting techniques to face-to-face selling and negotiation skills
that garner results.

Click HERE for trainer's profile

Course outline
Introduction to Sales -
- Introduce the participants to what is the definition of Sales,
the paper clip theory & what makes the sales person special.

Principles of Effective Selling
- Covers the main principles of effective selling.

Fundamental Selling Skills
- This section touches on the 5 main fundamental selling skills

What is sales negotiation?
- To produce a sales agreement

Why some sales negotiations dont work
- Lack of information of the other party

Win-Win sales negotiation
- Make necessary concessions to get what you want

Preparation for sales negotiation
- Goals, Trades, Alternatives, Relationships, Expected Outcomes,
Consequences, Power, Possible solutions

Exchange information
- Discuss agenda

Language of sales negotiation
- Finding common ground

Prepare for conflicts
- Creative process with positive outcome

Causes of conflict in sales negotiations
- Refusal to recognize each others point of view

Eight Critical sales negotiation mistakes
- Argue instead of influencing...etc

Basic use of Questioning
- Introduce the participants the art of high gain questions; its characteristics & benefits

Handling Objections
- Cover the 4 common types of objections & the 5 steps in handling them

Features & Benefits
- Examines the difference between a feature & a benefit & how to discuss benefits

Deliver Effective Sales Presentations
- Guide the participants through the 10 steps of delivering an effective sales presentations

Closing of business deal
- This section provides guidelines on closing a business deal

Handling Delays
- Touches on how to handle delays & the importance of following up

Early Bird Discount $88 off per person

Group Discount: 2 persons additional 10% discount. 3 persons or more additional 15% discount

Tel: 9241 4209 (Enquiries) Fax: 6884 7640 (Registration)-Click HERE to download registration form
Email: Contact Benson
(Enquiries or Registration)

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Fees: $ 399 only-Include course notes, training certificate, refreshment and
sumptuous indigenous International buffet lunch at The Square @Furama
(Halal & Vegetarian meal provided)

Payment made to Corporate Training Development
Mail: 25A ,Jalan Membina, #06-102, Singapore 162025

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