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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Happy Tiger Year 2010 - Pig

2010 Chinese Horoscope for people born in Pig years: 1911, 1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007.

If your birthday is before February 4, then your astrological sign is Dog, not Pig. (Verify Your Sign)

Pig is a lucky animal in Chinese horoscope. When Pig meets Tiger, they can get along pretty well. That means the people relationship is excellent for Pig people in the year of Tiger. The Intelligent Star and Sky Helper Star arrive to Pig people life. Both career luck and money luck are pretty good. Love relationship is even better. There is a marriage chance for single Pig people. There is no health issue for Pig people in 2010.

Career: The Intelligent Star appearing in the Metal Tiger Year. Pig people will learn lots of knowledge for their job. Also, many people around in your working environment you will care and support about you. Your talent will make your job easy. Your performance and achievement will help your career development. A job promotion or a job chance is possible. Accepting a promotion in the current company is safer than accepting a new position in a new firm. Also, this is a good year for Pig people looking for a government job. This is because that your intelligent will let you pass the job examinations and job interviews. There is an Unlucky Star hiding in the corner. As long as Pig people pay attention on their people relationships and avoid any disagreement or argument with others, Pig people will have a bright career path.

Money: There are many Lucky Stars appearing in 2010 for Pig people. If you have your own company, then your business will be booming and profit will be growing. If you work for someone, then you will have a stable income from daily job, because your good career luck will bring you good money luck. A Lucky Sky Star and Happiness Star also arrive Pig people life in 2010. That implies the doing some financial investment will have a chance to gain a good return. However, Pig people shouldn't show off their wealth. Otherwise, people will ask your contribution or donation, even plan a plot to steal or rob your money.

Love: Pig people have very good public relationship during the Tiger year. Their social activities will increase. This is a good opportunity for single Pig people to meet someone they can talk with. If Pig people already have a girl friend or boy friend, then their love relationship will get closer, even might have the opportunity of engagement or marriage. There is a Quarrel Star appearing in the love relationship area. People in love should pay attention their words and speeches to prevent losing relationships. Married Pig people should not look for new romantic relationships. Otherwise, it will damage the current marriage.

Health: Good career luck and money luck will bring Pig people good mood in the year of Tiger. Also, there is a Happiness Star standing around Pig people in 2010. Therefore, Pig people shouldn't have any big health problem in the year of Tiger. Since your social activities will increase, some rest and relaxation should be taken. You need to think about your energy before determining your schedule. You need to watch your health before eating and drinking. If you have elders in the family, then you should pay attention to their health during the Tiger year.

Fortune: Pig people will have a very clear mind to make business decisions and money investment in the year of Tiger. In general, 2010 will be a good year for Pig people. Your career has a sign of prosperity. Your wealth has a sign of affluence. Your fame has a sign of popularity. But there are two Unlucky Stars hiding in the corner in 2010. One is a sign of disagreement and the other is a sign of money loss. Therefore, Pig people still need to keep low profile for their wealth and prosperity to avoid unexpected or unnecessary damage.


Happy Tiger Year 2010 - Dog

2010 Chinese Horoscope for people born in Dog years: 1910, 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006.

If your birthday is before February 4, then your astrological sign is Chicken, not Dog. (Verify Your Sign)

In 2009, Dog and Cow have fighting relationship. Dog people shouldn't have good people relationship in year of Cow. The fortune of 2010 for Dog people is fair because there is no major Lucky Star coming. But 2010 is the time for Dog people to show their talent to others. Dog people don't have to push themselves too much for higher expectation. They can do things slowly but surely to prevent any mistakes that may cause additional loss. Building better people relationships is the key to enhance money luck and release career pressure.

Career: There is a Lucky Flower Star appearing in the year of Tiger. That means Dog people will become more intelligent. They can express clearly to people about their ideas, creations, designs or writing. Therefore, people will respect Dog people's inspiration and talent. There might be a job opportunity there. However, you don't have any Lucky Helper Star in 2010. Either there is no opening position suitable for your talent or there is no supporters to praise and recognize your effort. It's possible that you won't have a good chance for promotion. But people will remember your performance and they will give you credit later. This tells us that Dog people don't have to urge to find a new job in the year of Tiger.

Money: The Flower Star helps you to deliver your talent to people. And you will gain good reputation from there. The reputation will help you to build more business or money income. But this Flower Star is related to art, advertising, design, performance, stage, writing, music, acting, and the marketing business. The traditional trading business cannot take too much advantage from it. There is no strong Money sign in 2010. Dog people cannot do the short-term risky investment. There is no easy money from lottery, gamble or windfall. In general, Dog people should focus on their stable salary income.

Love: Dog and Metal Tiger together have a special relationship to increase people's popularity. That means Dog people's reputation brings them the chances to meet new friends. But the love relationship doesn't end up too strong, because of a Lonely Star appearing in 2010. It looks that Dog people focus on their presentation, appearance or public relationship, not their love. It's hard for single Dog people to find a match. If Dog people already have a relationship, then the relationship will be like mixing hot and cold. This is because Dog people prefer the freedom and wouldn't tie up with a relationship in 2010. The married Dog people might put their spouse aside and focus on their career and performance.

Health: There is no major heath issue on Dog people. Some Dog people will easily get nervous in the Tiger year. They need to find a way to relax themselves often. Also there is an unlucky White Tiger Star appearing in 2010. Tiger is an unpredictable animal for its emotion. The White Tiger is a sign of pressure and accident. Therefore, Dog people need to pay attention on their safety at work, at home, traveling, hiking, driving, swimming and diving to prevent any accident to cause the injury. Some experts suggest that a teeth cleaning or a blood donation can help people to avoid the injury bad luck.

Fortune: The major highlights for Dog people in 2010 is the reputation and career. Dog people will do fine for their people relationship. Plus, showing their talent, Dog people should have good reputation in year of Tiger. Without strong career luck, Dog people may become impatient and irritate their career future. But the strategy for Dog people in 2010 is defense, not offense. They shouldn't push their luck in career. Dog people should concentrate on their safety or negligence to avoid unnecessary loss.


Happy Tiger Year 2010 - Chicken

2010 Chinese Horoscope for people born in Chicken years: 1909, 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005.

If your birthday is before February 4, then your astrological sign is Monkey, not Chicken. (Verify Your Sign)

The lucky Purple Star and Dragon Star come for Chicken people in 2010. They indicate that power, support and leadership may fall upon your shoulders. This is a very good sign for your career; there is a chance of promotion or even pay raise. Therefore, money luck comes after career. Your wealth will increase mainly from your salary, not from the easy investment. However, there is an Unlucky Loss Star hiding in the corner. That means there is a chance of failure because of your mistake or negligence. In the year of Metal Tiger, the personality of Chicken people will become more domineering, arrogant and irritable. This makes it easy to have arguments with Chicken people. The social relationship is very important for Chicken people in this year. The poor people relationship might turn the fortune of Tiger year into a different direction. Therefore, Chicken people need to watch their words and deeds in 2010.

Career: The Purple Star appears in the year of Tiger. This means that Chicken people will have the chance to show their talent to people and have the opportunity to act in a leadership role. The Dragon Star implies Chicken people can get help whenever they encounter an obstacle or trouble. Therefore, the career luck is for Chicken people is pretty good. Their job responsibilities will increase and the power of position will expand. A job promotion, job relocation or pay raise are possible. Because another Big Loss Star coming in the same year, there is a chance of up and down in the career path in 2010. Chicken people will have a stronger, determined and domineering personality. It's very important for Chicken people to pay attention with their expressions and behaviors when dealing with people to eliminate the chance that your enemies may stab you in the back.

Money: Chicken people have good money luck in the Metal Tiger year. The major income will come from your career. If you own a business, then Purple Star and Dragon Star will help you to bring in more customers and increase your business profit. If you work for someone, in order to increase more income, you still need the help from your friends, supporters or helpers around. Since the Unlucky Star is there, the money luck might have a chance to become unstable. Therefore, Chicken people still need to watch for the budget and do extra savings, in case that you need a big unexpected expense in the near future. Chicken people shouldn't do any short-term risky investment. There is no lottery, gambling or windfall luck in 2010.

Love: There is no particular Love Star or Romantic Star coming into Chicken people's lives. Therefore, if you are single, then you need to be patience for wait for your true love. It's tough to find someone you like by yourself. But you will have more chance to find a good match who is introduced by your friends or someone always cares you. If you have girl friend or boy friend, then your love relationship will be up and down. Chicken people need to control their temper to avoid the argument and possibly ruin the relationship. Married people might focus more on career and forget about expressing love to their spouses.

Health: The health of Chicken people is fair in 2010. It's easy for Chicken people get scared or shocked in the Tiger year. One Unlucky Star implies that Chicken people have a chance to get accident. If there is an injury, it might be related to Metal. Therefore, Chicken people need to pay attention on the safety at home, at work, traveling and driving. Since you have the Dragon Star and Purple Star in 2010, therefore any health issue shouldn't become a big problem.

Fortune: Basically, Chicken people have a good luck in year of Tiger, because of two major Lucky Stars. The major event in the Metal Tiger year is related to money. The money is connected to friends, siblings, money and father. It's also connected to spouse for male Chicken people. That means your money luck determined by the relationship with them. Therefore, you need to maintain good social and family relationships. There is a chance that Tiger year brings Chicken people good career luck and money luck together. But Chicken people shouldn't become arrogant, self-satisfied or conceited. Your speeches and actions might change your fortune in 2010. It's possible that a mistake can cause the loss of a job, money loss, a broken heart or even an injury.


Happy Tiger Year 2010 - Sheep

2010 Chinese Horoscope for people born in Sheep years: 1907, 1919, 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003.

If your birthday is before February 4, then your astrological sign is Horse, not Sheep. (Verify Your Sign)

Sheep people shouldn't have had any great fortune in 2009, year of Cow. This is because Cow and Sheep have a fighting relationship, which brings very poor luck to people. In 2010, year of Tiger, there are many Lucky Stars coming into Sheep people's life. Those signs shows Sheep people have good career luck, people relationship, financial status and love relationship in 2010. However, when Sheep meets Tiger, sheep always have pressure. Therefore, Sheep people need to become smarter and act stronger during the Tiger year. Then 2010 will be an easy year for them.

Career: Tiger brings Sheep pressure. Therefore, career pressure will exist during the year of Tiger. The good news is you have a job. The better news is you have a two Sky Helper and Moon Helper Stars in 2010. Whenever you have difficulty or trouble in your task, you can get help from people close to you. Also, you will become smarter in the Metal Tiger. You will have more creativity or have an outstanding idea to show people. Then you will gain the reputation from your boss and coworkers. If you have any chance to sign a contract for your business or career future, then you have better advice from people. Make sure you understand the contract to avoid any entanglement in agreement later.

Money: Sheep people have both Moon Star and Happy Star appearing in the Metal Tiger year. This clearly means that your talent, performance and reputation bring good income for you in 2010. If you own a business, then you will see your business booming and your profit growing. However, you cannot gamble your money luck into a short-term risky investment. This is because that you have an Unlucky Star showing that there is a hole in your pocket. Your money is leaking while you are earning. Either you spend more time and energy to watch your financial management, or make some donations to charity to prevent from money loss from other investments.

Love: Sheep people shouldn't have had good love relationship in 2009. There are two Lucky Stars, Sky Helper and Happy Star, showing in the Tiger year. They are the good sign for people relationship and love relationship. Therefore, Sheep people will have more social activities and have more chances to meet the opposite sex. If you are still single, people around you might introduce a match for you. If you have girl friend or boy friend, then both of you will have closer love relationship, even a marriage opportunity. If you are married, then 2010 will be one of great marriage years in your life. Young couple might have a new born child arriving. But if married people try for a new relationship, then it has a chance to cause big money loss, because Tiger is watching Sheep.

Health: Sheep people have many happy happenings in year of Tiger. The good mood will bring good health. But there is an Unlucky Star in the health area. That means you still need to pay attention the safety when driving or working. The most important area is that Sheep people must watch for the health of family members. If you have elders or sick relative at home, you should check their health condition often. Since you have a Moon Star in 2010, the health of family members shouldn't cause a big issue. Also, if it's possible that Sheep people don't attend any funeral in the year of Tiger.

Fortune: There are many good signs for Sheep people in 2010. Career, reputation and wealth have good opportunities. But your intelligence and courage are required to reach your dreams. The social and love relationship will bring you a happy mood in 2010. If you are married with children, you might have trouble taking care of your career and children at the same time. If you are a married female, then you don't have enough time for your kids, husband and your own career. Sheep people have good luck in the year of Tiger. They should spend more time taking care of their relatives or help other needy people.


Happy Tiger Year 2010 - Horse

2010 Chinese Horoscope for people born in Horse years: 1906, 1918, 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002.

If your birthday is before February 4, then your astrological sign is Snake, not Horse. (Verify Your Sign)

Horse people didn't have a great luck last two years. 2010 is a turning point year. There are three Lucky Stars coming into Horse people life in the same time. They are Power Star, Scholarship Star and Financial Star. That means career opportunity, good reputation and money luck are pretty good in the year of Tiger. Plus, people and love relationships are good in 2010. The only bad news for Horse people is that the villains are still around. Since you have good income, they are quite interested in your money. Therefore, do not covet the a small profit, otherwise it will return to you as a big money loss. Then it follows up with an argument or poor health.

Career: There is a Power Star appearing in 2010. This Power Star stands for leadership, management and decision-making. It's very clear that a job opportunity is waiting for Horse people. In the year of the Tiger, Horse people's job responsibility will increase. Your project will go smoothly, your schedule will be under your control and the progress will be satisfactory. If you need help, then people will be around. As long as your business development direction meets the company's expectation, then there is a chance of promotion. However, you still need to pay attention on job detail. Any negligence or mistake you make will provide the chance for your enemy to block your career path.

Money: A Financial Star related to money management comes to Horse people. That implies you have more money income and you will consider money investment or money management. Metal Tiger year also contains a sign of money. That means you will spend more time on money related events than the previous year. The money luck is good, but you still have the chance to lose money in the other end. Because you are richer, villains behind you are waiting for your donation. Don't make any contribution for the reason of saving face. Don't be greedy or lazy to invest money without studying the business opportunity. Thus, Horse people will have good savings in the year of Tiger.

Love: In Chinese Horoscope, Horse and Tiger have attraction relationship. That indicates Horse people have good social relationship in 2010. If you are single, then it's easy to find a person you can talk with. Later both of you will get along pretty well. If you already have girl friend or boy friend, then your love relationship will become even closer. But there is no Love Star or Romantic Star appearing in 2010. Also, your career will make you a little busy. The chance of marriage is not that high.

Health: Basically, the health of Horse people is fine in year of Tiger. But the Unlucky Star lets Horse people sometimes doubt about their heath in 2010. The highest chance for Horse people to be weak is from their heavy responsibility or pressure from their job. The Unlucky Star shows darkness and is unfavorable to Horse people. Therefore you shouldn't do overtime too often and then come home very late. Also, you should refuse invitations to join parties at night. If you can, don't visit sick people or attend a funeral.

Fortune: Horse people have more good news than bad news in 2010. Career and money are major events to you. In career, you need to learn the leadership communication and management skills to build your people connections and career relationships. Then a job promotion or pay raise are possible. The money luck will come after the career's accomplishment. Meanwhile, you still need to focus on your moves all the time to prevent any mistakes caused by neglect. Otherwise your career or money prospect will dim in 2010. There is no strong love sign for single Horse people. But your good people relationship still open the opportunity for you. As long as you can make sure you have good health, 2010 will be a very good year to you.


Happy Tiger Year 2010 - Snake

2010 Chinese Horoscope for people born in Snake years: 1905, 1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001.

If your birthday is before February 4, then your astrological sign is Dragon, not Snake. (Verify Your Sign)

Snake and Tiger don't fight face to face. But Snake and Tiger cannot get along too well. This implies that Snake's public relationship is very poor in 2010, year of Tiger. Poor people relationship will impact career opportunity, business promotion and love relationship. Therefore, Snake people will lack a peaceful mind and happy mood in 2010. Some Lucky Stars gather in Love area. Snake people need to avoid any argument with boy/girl friends, spouse, close family members or business partners. They must control their temper and emotion when things go wrong. Otherwise, it will be very easy to lose friendships, love, business relationships or career opportunities.

Career: The career luck is fair to Snake people in 2010. There is a sign connected to your boss or senior coworker in the office. You will spend more hours and work with them often. If they really help your task, then your job is safe and you have salary income. If they bring you trouble and slow down your schedule, then you might transfer to a different position. Snake people have better double check their tasks before delivery. Since people relationship is poor, you shouldn't let your enemies take advantage on your negligence or mistake. This can prevent from later unnecessary arguments. If you own your business, then your investment return in research or marketing won't reach your expectation. Your business approach needs to follow the law to prevent from any lawsuit.

Money: The good news for Snake people about money is the money opportunity there. The bad news is money luck is limited because of your poor social skills or business connections. If you work for someone, the major income is your salary. Unless you can work for extra hours, you won't get any easy money. Do not think about short-term investment giving you a quick return. There is a chance that you have to spend money on your mother, mother-in-law or female elders in your family. If you own a company, then company earnings from sales won't increase easily. You might have to spend additional money on company's equipments or decorations. Salesladies can do the better marketing job for you. Or female clients can help you to increase the sales.

Love: When Snake meets Tiger, Snake doesn't have a good mood for love relationship. It's easy for Snake people to have disagreement or argument with people in 2010. They will feel as if villains are always around. Single Snake people need the patience to find their true love. People who have a boy or girl friend don't need to push their relationship closer in year of Tiger. If there is any quarrel from married people, Snake people need to control their emotion to avoid the love relationship going south. More than one Unlucky Star show up in the marriage area. If any big trouble in marriage life is hard to settle, then Snake people can ask their parents, mentors or elders to help.

Health: There is no problem in the health area for Snake people in 2010. The only thing might impact your health is because of your bad temper from arguments, complaints, office competition or law event. The dark is unfavorable to Snake people. If Snake people have a party at night, they shouldn't go home too late. The best is to refuse to attend any social meetings at night. When driving, Snake people need to focus on safety. If any accident happens, then it might be related to Metal. Since Snake people can get bad mood easily in year of Tiger, they should ask friends to go with them to a suburban are to relax themselves to get rid of the physical and mental burdens.

Fortune: The people relationship is the key to determine the fortune of Snake people in 2010. If you have poor public connection, then your bad emotion will impact your career, money and love area. If you have an argument with someone, then you have more chance to become the loser because of lesser supporters. If your Chinese astrology birth chart has a Monkey sign, then you need to pay more attention to your people relationships. On the other hand, if you know how to deal with your temper and passion, then all the opportunities in 2010 are open to you.

There is a lucky Moon Star appearing in 2010 for Snake people. If Snake people need help from others, they can try to find a female mentor or an older female. However, do not find Tiger people to help them for social, love, financial or business relationship.


Happy Tiger Year 2010 - Dragon

2010 Chinese Horoscope for people born in Dragon years: 1904, 1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000.

If your birthday is before February 4, then your astrological sign is Rabbit, not Dragon. (Verify Your Sign)

Dragon and Tiger have their powers on their own territory. When Dragon meets Tiger, they respect each other. They usually don't fight unless different animals have affinity relationship with them. That means Dragon won't get any benefit from Tiger. This implies the fortune of most Dragon people in 2010 is fair. Also, this Metal Tiger year brings more Unlucky Stars than Lucky Stars to Dragon people. Therefore, Dragon people need to stay alert on their investments, keep focusing on their daily work, and watch their words and behaviors in their social life to avoid any indiscretion to cause money loss. There is no Love Sign showing for Dragon people in 2010. The health of Dragon people in the Tiger year will be fine, but they need to pay more attention on the health of family members.

Career: One Lucky Star appears in Career area. It indicates that your position power or job responsibility will increase. But it comes with one Unlucky Star which stands for disagreement or argument with people. The Metal Tiger is a good year to show your talent, express your idea and emphasize your performance to the people. There is a chance that people appreciate your working quality and quantity, and then the opportunity of promotion will arrive. On the other hand, you will need to build working relationships with people who support you or your subordinates. Because of your outstanding performance, people are watching you all the time. You need to pay attention on your behavior even after working hours. Your reputation will determine your career luck. If you have children, then you might spend more time with them or worry about something related to them. If you are married female with children, then you might not have enough time to take care your husband, children and your own career in the same time.

Money: There is no significant Money luck coming in 2010. The major income should come from your salary. Salary is not easy money. It requires lots of energy and brain power to overcome the pressure of getting it, so you need to plan your budget, watch your expenses, and then you will have the savings. Since there is no lottery or windfall luck, Dragon people shouldn't do any risky short-term investment or gambling in the year of Tiger.

Love: No Love sign appears in the Metal Tiger year. The emotion of Dragon people is unpredictable, therefore the love relationship of Dragon People in 2010 is unstable. If you are still single, then you will need some patience to wait for your true love. If you have a close friend, then you will need to control your temper to maintain the love relationship. If you are married, then you need to avoid argument in your marriage life. If you are single female, then you have better opportunity to meet the opposite sex. But females need to watch their actions and talk to avoid hurting man's dignity.

Health: There is an Unlucky Star appearing in health area. If your job requires traveling or driving, then you need to pay attention to safety to prevent from accidents when you are not at home. If you are female, then you need to make sure to visit your doctor for physical examination. If you have senior elders at home, you need to well take care them. If you have children at home, do not ignore them because of your busy career. If you don't feel well, then try not to visit sick people or attend a funeral.

Fortune: You have fair luck in 2010. The major event in the Metal Tiger year is related to your career and reputation. A stable career determines your money income. To build people relationships to enhance your reputation is the key to keep your job safe. Although there are signs of argument, law event, accident and hospitalization in 2010, you will be fine as long as you watch for your safety often. The health to your should be OK. You just have to be concerned about the health of the people closest to you. If you have children, make sure to spend time with them.


Happy Tiger Year 2010 - Rabbit

2010 Chinese Horoscope for people born in Rabbit years: 1903, 1915, 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999.

If your birthday is before February 4, then your astrological sign is Tiger, not Rabbit. (Verify Your Sign)

Rabbit is swift, agile, tricky, and always alert. Therefore Rabbit can survive in the Tiger's kingdom. 2010 is Metal Tiger year. Metal brings pressure on Rabbit. But Rabbit can become more confident when Tiger is around. This is a fair year to Rabbit people. There are no strong lucky signs shown in the career and money area, but the opportunity still exists. It's required to have the wisdom to catch it. Health shouldn't have any problem, because a lucky Sun Star connected with health in 2010. Women have better love opportunity or relationship than men. Rabbit people need to follow the rules and watch their words and deeds to avoid the damage in business, people or love relationships.

Career: The Sun Star comes into Rabbit people's life to show the light of hope in 2010. But the road of career is not completely smooth. Rabbit people will be busy on the activities related to career in this year. That means there is career opportunity there. It might be required some degree of challenge to handle the pressure. Tiger year implies that your friends, coworkers, siblings or same generation people are always around you to guide you to solve the problems. If you need people's help, then you need good people relationship. If you don't treat people well, then your career opportunity will be ruined by your enemy or yourself. The friendship or business relationship is the key to succeed in 2010 for Rabbit people. If you are female without a job, then the major activity might be something to do with your boy friend, husband or law related issue.

Money: Money luck is good to Rabbit people in 2010. Money is always connected with job and friends. The major income for Rabbit people this year is from stable salary, not from lottery or any windfall. If you own your business, then you need good people relationships to expand your business market. By asking the advice from friends or experts, you can do different investment in different area to create multiple income from different sources. Rabbit people's money luck in the Tiger year is still limited. You cannot win it all. Therefore, you shouldn't be greedy for any risky investment or short term gambling.

Love: This is not a smooth year for men in love relationship. The love competition or misunderstanding will appear in 2010. You should focus on people emotion. You need to spend more time to read people's mind. Do not indulge yourself in luxury, wine and love. To ignore people's feeling will damage your love relationship. If you are a single female, then you have more chance to meet the opposite sex. If you have a boy friend, then you will have a closer relationship. But you still have to avoid unnecessary quarrels.

Health: Tiger brings a sick sign to Rabbit people. Your increase of social activities will make you exhausted. When you feel weak, then you need to take a rest to recover your energy as soon as possible. Try not to visit sick people or attend any funeral. The good news for Rabbit people is there is Sun Star appearing in their life. Any that is uncomfortable shouldn't develop into a big problem. If you have poor health since last year, then your health will have a good improvement in 2010. When you are driving or on the street, you need to focus on your safety to prevent from injury.

Fortune: There is more good signs than bad signs for Rabbit people in 2010. The major event for men is the career. The major issue for women is career or boyfriend or spouse. This is a year to show your intelligence, not your courage only. Rabbit people need to outsmart the Tiger. So Tiger would like to be in their side. If Tiger is smarter than Rabbit, then both career and money pressures come together to them. In general, Rabbit people need to focus on people connection in order to gain better career opportunity, higher financial return and closer love relationship. The health of Rabbit people should be fine in 2010. But they have to pay attention on the health of elders in their families.


Happy Tiger Year 2010 - Tiger

2010 Chinese Horoscope for people born in Tiger years: 1902, 1914, 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998.

If your birthday is before February 4, then your astrological sign is Cow, not Tiger. (Verify Your Sign)

Chinese say one mountain cannot abide two tigers. That means there can only have one king in the nation. Tiger is a vigorous and ferocious animal. One Tiger is a symbol of power and authority. Two Tigers mean fighting for power. The loser will become powerless. Therefore, it's a taboo for Tiger people meet the Tiger of zodiac year. This implies 2010 is not a good year for Tiger people. Friendship, love relationship, money management, career position or power competition might be damaged in 2010. In short, try to seek for no mistake, but not expecting major prosperity in year of Tiger.

Career: 2010 is Metal Tiger year. Tiger doesn't like Metal. The career activities are the major events in this year. That means the career pressure will come soon or later. If you have good people relationship, then your friends or coworkers will help you to overcome the challenge from your job. Then you might have a chance for promotion. If you are a female and you have trouble from men or job, then your friends can help you to take care of the problem. If you don't have supporters in your working environment, then your position or power will be damaged by friends, relatives or an enemy at work. If you are female and have a boy friend, then your love relationship won't get any improvement or your boy friend has trouble in his career. Therefore, Tiger people need good reputation to make their career easy. Building friendships or business relationships is important in 210 for Tiger people.

Money: Money luck is unfavorable to Tiger people in 2010. Money is always connected with job and friends. As long as you can keep your job, then you should have a stable income. You have to say no to a loan to a friend, an endorsement to a friend, a loan-cosigning for friend, or any risky investment suggested from friend to prevent money loss. In general, Tiger people should budget their expense and adjust their financial plan in 2010.

Love: There is no love sign for man in the Tiger year. When a Tiger meets another Tiger, then the love competition will increase. Because of no significant love or romantic sign in 2010, then the chance to meet a woman you like will be much lesser. Even you have a girl friend now, you won't move into a closer love relationship. If you are a female, then you have a chance to meet the opposite sex. But it's same that there is a love competition in 2010. Or your boy friend feels trouble from your other friends or relatives. In short, if you have a love relationship, then you need to maintain the relationship. If you are single, then you need the patience to wait for the right one.

Health: Tiger people don't have a good sign in their career luck and money luck. That implies they have to spend extra time, energy and brain power to take care of daily activities. Their health will be impacted more or less. You just have to learn how to find time to take a break to relax yourself. If you were a sick Tiger in 2009, then it will take time to recover back to your healthy body in 2010. Enough time to sleep, proper time to exercise, and good amount of food for eating are very important for Tiger people in 2010.

Fortune: The major event in 2010 for man is the career. The major issue for woman is career or boyfriend or spouse. This not only brings the trouble and pressure to Tiger people, but it could expand to a poor relationship with friends, siblings or coworkers. The worst case will become financial crisis. It sounds that Tiger year won't bring any good luck for Tiger people. However, an accurate prediction needs to be analyzed with the entire Chinese Astrology birth chart. If Wood is your Lucky Element in your Chinese astrology birth chart, then Tiger is your Lucky Animal. Please read 2010 Chinese Five Element Astrology.


Happy Tiger Year 2010 - Cow

2010 Chinese Horoscope for people born in Cow years: 1901, 1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009.

If your birthday is before February 4, then your astrological sign is Rat, not Cow. (Verify Your Sign)

When Cow meets Tiger, Tiger will ignore Cow's existence. But Cow people better stay alert. Basically, Cow people have a smooth year in 2010. But they still have to pay attention to safety during their work hours to prevent any accidents. Something related to your performance, reputation, and/or people relationship will happen first. This will determine your career luck in the second half of the year. Cow people's love relationship is pretty good in 2010. Women have better romantic relationship luck than men. Married women have a hard time taking care of their children, husband and career all together. Health luck is great too. You shouldn't have any major issues with your health in 2010. Money luck is also good. Cow people still have to watch their financial management to avoid any unexpected money loss.

Career: 2010 is a Metal Tiger year. It gives your the chance to show your talent to people. Tiger gives Cow pressure, and that pressure is related to career. That means there is a job opportunity for you in 2010, but it doesn't mean you have full career luck. It all depends on your performance and communication skills. There is an Unlucky Star hidden between Cow and Tiger. That implies a career challenge with risk. If you work in unsafe environment, then you have to pay attention on your safety during working hours. If safety is not the issue, then you will face tough decision-making situations in your position that requires your strong determination and quick judgment to handle the tasks. Fortunately there is a Lucky Star, which shows help or support around you in 2010. If you have difficulty at work, you can ask advice from people around. As long as you show your proactive and enthusiastic working attitude, someone will appreciate your personality, performance and work ethic. Then you have the chance to earn a reward or a promotion.

Money: Cow people don't have any significant money luck in 2010. Your income must come from your regular job. As long as you can hold on your job position, then you should have a stable income. A Helper Star also appears in the Metal Tiger year. That means you can have extra income with people's help. Because Tiger contains an unpredictable sign, don't try for any risky investment based on your own opinion. Any financial plan is required to have advice from friends or the guide from experts of money management. Otherwise, an unexpected money loss is possible.

Love: There is a Romantic Star coming toward Cow People in the year of Tiger. If you are single, then you should increase your social activities. You might find someone would like to share romantic nights with you. If you are in love, then you and true love will develop a stronger and deeper relationship. If you are female, there is a chance of engagement or marriage for you. If you are marred, either you will spend more time with your spouse or you become more popular in your social life. There is a Lonely Star coming with Tiger. That implies your love emotion is up and down. When your lover is out of sight, you might feel kind of lonely. Tiger contains a Husband Star to female. This means a marriage luck coming for single females. If you are a single male and cannot find the person you love, then the love event might happen to your siblings or friends.

Health: Tiger brings a sick sign to Cow people. When you feel weak, then you need rest to recover your energy as soon as possible. If you have poor health since last year, then your health will need more time to get good improvement. Cow people should try not to visit sick people or attend any funerals in 2010.

Fortune: Cow people had either very good or very bad luck in 2009. If you were born with strong personality, then you might have lot of trouble in 2009. If you have soft personality, then you might get lots of help from your friends or relatives. 2010 will become a different story. Cow people will face different challenges in 2010. In this situation, it is favorable to strong-minded people who have the determination to reach their goals. But it's unfavorable to self-willed or self-indulgent people who are extremely emotional.

There is more good news than bad news for Cow people in the year of Tiger. You have career opportunity, good money luck, good love relationship, good sign of health and more social activities. The only thing has to remember is to stay alert to prevent from unexpected loss because of your negligence.


Happy Tiger Year 2010 - Rat

2010 Chinese Horoscope for people born in Rat years: 1900, 1912, 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008.

If your birthday is before February 4, then your astrological sign is Pig, not Rat. (Verify Your Sign)

When Rat people meet Tiger year, they will be running around all the time. This is because Tiger is the Travel Star to Rat In Chinese Horoscope. This implies that Rat people will be busy in 2010 and might have to travel more or work far away for their jobs. Since they might work longer hours or overtime, they will feel lonely especially while traveling. If Rat people need to drive on work, then they have to drive carefully to prevent trouble related to law. Rat people need to use more brain power for the daily activity during the spring. But they will gain help and support after summer.

Career: Rat people don't have any significant career sign in 2010. Some troubles or obstacles might appear to keep your job busy. Don't put your career expectation too high. You need to think twice before leaping for any career opportunity. Your enemy might talk about your bad reputation behind your back. As long as you do things slowly and surely, your career will stabilize. People who appreciate, care, and support you also will appear often between April and October. In general, the career luck will be up and down. You can obtain your return, but you need to work hard.

Money: There is a hidden Money Star inside the Tiger for Rat people. But the Money is required your performance and achievement to get it. We know Tiger will keep Rat people busy. That means the more active you are, the more money you earn. Since the money comes from your hardship, you need to watch your expenses. If you have extra savings, then it's fine for the long term investment. But you need to consider twice or say no if your friends or relatives ask for a short term loan. The money luck is not that good, you don't have to push yourself too much and impact your health.

Love: Rat people don't have Romantic or Love sign appearing in 2010. If you are in love, then relationship development won't be that smooth. You might encounter some obstacles and pressure. It's normal that sometimes you feel a little bit lonely, because of Tiger. If you are a married person and face job pressure often, then you need to control your emotion in your family. Otherwise, it's easy to create an argument at home and impact the family's harmony. If you haven't found your true love yet, then you might have better chance in April or August to meet someone you can talk with.

Health: One Unlucky Star related to health is coming to Rat people's life in year of Tiger. Something unexpected might happen to you and affect your emotion. Plus, the pressure from your job or business, you must watch for your health. You need to learn how to take a break for your work, spend some time for entertainment or join friend's party to relax yourself. Try to avoid any disputes with people, as it will impact your health, especially in May. If you don't have any health issues, then an elder or someone close to you might have poor health in 2010.

Fortune: Rat people will have much lesser pressure than last year. The most important factor has to pay attention is the health. This is because Tiger year will make you busy and you need a good health to handle the pressure. If you like to solve problems, remove the hinder, and challenge troubles, then 2010 will be a good year to you. If you don't like to face trouble, then 2010 is still a fair year to you, because your helper will appear after you cannot find the solution for the trouble.

Traveling, overwork, overtime, moonlighting jobs are good signs for the career. If the job is there, then the money comes into your door. But the stable income doesn't mean a good money luck. You still need to watch your spending and investment. If you are too greedy, it might cause a money loss. You will be busy and will be full of activities in your daily life. Therefore, people can see whatever you speak, act and perform. Your performance can determine your career or reputation. If you don't do your work in a smart way, your image will be damaged too. People born in 1996 will have good performance in school.


Happy Tiger Year 2010 - Monkey

2010 Chinese Horoscope for people born in Monkey years: 1908, 1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004.

If your birthday is before February 4, then your astrological sign is Sheep, not Monkey. (Verify Your Sign)

Monkey is too active, so Tiger doesn't like Monkey. Tiger and Monkey have fighting relationship in Chinese horoscope. This is not a good sign for Monkey people in 2010. There is a Travel Star coming in the year of Tiger. That implies that you will be busy for your work, your business or your people relationship all year long. Your busy schedule doesn't guarantee a good return from your time and energy, because an unstable sign is there. Some other Unlucky Stars also come to Monkey people. There is money luck from salary, but with a sign of money loss. The love relationship is up and down. Since Monkey people will have more outdoor activities, they have to pay attention the safety while traveling or driving. Fortunately, one Lucky Helper Star also appearing in year of Tiger. Hopefully, Monkey people can find someone to help when they encounter a big trouble.

Career: Because of the appearance of the Travel Star, Monkey people have to work hard and are very busy for money. They will have more coordination, discussion, visiting, interview tasks in the office. They might have to visit their clients more often, travel out of town for errands, or even go abroad for business trips. The job income will come from the traveling. Because of a tight schedule, Monkey people should plan well for each traveling. Otherwise, they might have to do something twice and create more frustrations for their time. There is a chance to find a new job position. But you need to evaluate the new career position carefully before quitting the current job. This is because that Tiger won't let things go smoothly for Monkey people's business. In general, the motto of the career luck is moving with caution is a better than standing still.

Money: There is a Money Star appearing in 2010 for Monkey people. That indicates Monkey people have money opportunity. However, the money luck is fair. You don't have good luck in easy investments, lottery or gambling. The major money income is from your regular job. As long as your job keeps you busy, then you will have a stable salary income. One Unlucky Star shows the sign of money loss. Therefore, Monkey people should avoid short-term risky investment. Next, Monkey people shouldn't provide a loan or endorse financial assistance on any contract to friends or relatives. When the money becomes an issue, then your friendships will hurt a lot. Monkey people also need to stay alert for safety while traveling. Any accident might cause you a big money loss.

Love: Because Money and Tiger cannot get along well at all, the people relationship of Monkey People is very poor in 2010. If you are single, you need to be patient while waiting for your true love. You might have more chances to meet someone while traveling. So you can increase your social activities that are outdoors to enhance your romantic luck. If you have a girl friend or boy friend, then your love relationship will be like mixing hot and cold. This is a temporary sign from 2010, the relationship will improve in 2011 as long as you can keep it. If you are discussing the marriage, then you need to spend time and focus on this event and make a firm and quick decision. Otherwise, many tiny issues will become big troubles. If you are married, then you should remember to express your love and concern to your spouse often even if you are very busy with your career or you are out of town for an errand.

Health: The career sign shows Monkey people might have to spend more time for their daily jobs. Therefore, Monkey people need to remember to take a break to save their energy during their busy schedules. Another thing is that Monkey people must pay attention to the safety at work or travel. The reason is that an Unlucky Star shows a chance of body exhaustion, accident or injury in the year of Tiger. As long as you care about your safety and health, you should be fine, because a Lucky Helper Star is still around. Also, Monkey people need to try avoid water related activities at rivers, beaches, lakes or oceans. A pregnant woman needs to pay attention to the health of the baby.

Fortune: The major event of Monkey people in 2010 is the money. All the pressure from the career is for the money income. The tension of the job is up and down. Your mood and emotion will become unstable. Since a Lucky Star appearing in this year, many jobs will show difficulty at the beginning, but will become easier later. The money comes in a hard way. Therefore Monkey people need to budget their expense and save extra earnings for emergency use. Even if you have extra money, then do not loan money to anyone without a collateral value. Certainly, do not get a loan from people for your investment. Next, Monkey people need to manage their social relationships carefully in the year of Tiger. Bad people relationships might impact your money luck. People who have poor money luck usually won't have a good love relationship. Therefore, the key for Monkey people's fortune in the Tiger year is to build good people relationship and avoid any competition and/or arguments with your enemies.



received this from email... Do read this, quite funny but no offences...

'Good afternoon, Ladies and the German. This is your cheap purser Wang Lui speaking. On behalf of China Sudden Airlines, I would like to welcome you on board our Bowling 737 from Shenzhen to Qingtao.

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Dear Friend,

I know that this mail will come to you as a surprise as we never met before. I am EVAG AHMED ABDULLAH, the manager of Auditing and Accounting section of Bank Of Africa (B.O.A) Ouagadougou Burkina Faso. I Hoped that you will not expose or betray this trust and confident that I am about to repose on you for the mutual benefit of our both families. I need your urgent assistance in transferring the sum of Fifteen Million Five Hundred Thousandunited state dollars ($12.5mUSD) Immediately to your account.

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Monday, February 8, 2010

Maria Santos

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-----Original Message-----
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Little Ones @ Work - Personal Worklife Effectiveness

received this info from friend forwarded by MCYS....

Dear Family Life Ambassadors,

Little Ones @ Work is an Initiative brought to you by Women’s Development Secretariat (WDS). This year in particular, MCYS partnered with WDS to incorporate Personal Worklife Effectiveness into this Programme. This Initiative will be announced in April so take the chance now to be the first few companies to pilot this!

Contact Ms Tan Woon Woon at 6213 8418 or email now and book your slots!

Urgent transfer into your account and please call me.+226 7582 5096 - spam

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From the desk of mr Ousmane Bello Ali,
Auditing and accounting manager,
Bank of africa(B.O.A),
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Telephone:+226 7582 5096
Dear friend,
I crave your indulgence for the unsolicited nature of this letter, but it was borne out of desperation and current development. Please bear with me. My name is Mr Ousmane Bello Ali an auditor of Bank Of Africa(B.O.A). I discovered existing dormant account for 10years.When I discovered that there had been neither continuation nor withdrawals from this account for this long period and our banking laws stipulates that any unserviceable account for more than 10years will go into the bank revenue as an unclaimed fund.

I have made personal inquiries about the depositor and his next of kin but sadly, the depositor died with his entire family in ghastly auto crash. I only made this investigation just to be double sure of this fact and since I have been unsuccessful in locating the relatives.

I seek your consent to present yourself as the next of kin of the deceased. As an auditor in the bank I will use my position in the bank to help you becoming the next of kin to the estate, so that the proceeds of this account valued at $10.5million dollars can be transferred to your bank account, this is the story in a nutshell.

Now I want an account over seas where the bank will transfer this fund. Thereafter, I will resign and come over for the sharing and investment in your country, it is careful network and for the past eleven months I have worked out everything to ensure a hitch-free operation.

Now my questions are:-
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My Best Regard To All Around You,
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Understanding Contract Laws for Non-Legal Executives

another course info received from newsletter...

Understanding Contract Laws
for Non-Legal Executives
in Business Contract Writing

Acquire the knowledge of contract laws to protect your organization and businesses
against business risk and disputes in todays tough economic landscape

Course date: 26 February 2010-Friday
Time: 9am to 2.30pm
Venue: Furama RiverFront Hotel Singapore
Nearest MRT: Tiong Bahru

Program Overview
What are the elements that make up a Contract?
-Definition of a Contract
-Intention to create legal relations
-Explanation of each of the above in particular the
issue between offer and invitation to treat and the
effect of a legally binding contract.

Understanding Exclusion and Limitation Clauses in a contract
-whereby a party can either exclude
-or limit its liability in contracts entered into.

What happens in a Misrepresentation - Liability?
-where contracts had been entered into by inducement of statements
of fact that are wrong and the innocent party suffers loss/damage

What goes into the Discharge of Contracts?
-Explanation on ways by which a contract that has been entered into may be discharged.

Identifying Remedies for Breach of Contract
-Specific Performance

What is the Contracts Limitation in a breach?
- The time period within which a claim has to be proceed in court for a breach of contract

Why Attend?The program is highly suitable for all staff who needs to handle contracts and agreements
as part of their work, participants will understand

- What constitutes a valid contract and how to write them
- The elements of a good and legal binding contract and how to write the terms for legal implications
- To identify valid contracts and spot potential unfair or bias contracts
- To know the remedies available in the event of a breach of a contract by one party.

10% discount for group of 3 or more

Fees: $259 Nett only

Click HERE to download registration form cum brochure

Register Early: Fax: 6884 7640 (Registration)Tel: 9241 4209 (Enquiries)
(Enquiries or Registration)
Visit: (Online Registration)
Name 1:___________________________________
Job title:___________________________________
Name 2:___________________________________
Job title:___________________________________

Name 3:___________________________________
Job title:___________________________________
Tel: _____________________
Fax: ____________________
Contact Person:_____________________________________

All fee include course notes, training certificate,
refreshment and indigenous International buffet lunch at
The Square@Furama (Halal & Vegetarian meal provided)
Pay: Corporate Training Development
Mail: 25A Jalan Membina, #06-102, Singapore 162025

Airelated Travel: Best of Rajasthan & Agra with Thomas Ong

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8D Best of Rajasthan & Agra, India with Thomas OngFrom S$1,898

•See the beautiful Yellow City and Blue City of Rajasthan
•Participate in the Laughing Yoga, India Turban Tying Competition
•Compete for the title of ‘Miss and Mr India‘
•Camel ride at Sam Sand Dunes
•Shower your love at Mother Theresa's orphanage in Agra
•Visit the Ancient Wonder of Taj Mahal and Unesco Site of Agra Fort

Special Departure: March 25, 2010, contact Airelated Travel at 6532 5686 or email to

Terms and Conditions
-Fares exclude all relevant taxes, fuel surcharges, visa fees etc (Estimate taxes at S$470, visa fees at S$90)
-Minimum 25 passengers to move
-LinkPoints will be awarded for all promotion
-Other terms and conditions apply

Earn LinkPoints with Airelated Travel
S$10 spent = 5 LinkPoints (NTUC Members)
S$10 spent = 3 LinkPoints (Others)


FREE Business Clinic - One-to-one session with our qualified experts

received this info from SMa...

Dear Business Owners,

The Enterprise Development Centre @ Singapore Manufacturers’ Federation (EDC@SMa) is pleased to inform on:

on various topics (with government funding available) with our qualified experts on:

1. Risk Assessment - guidance on how to build up a risk assessment system to comply with Workplace Safety & Health Act
2. CaseTrust for Spa and Wellness SMEs – guidance on how to build customer confidence based on the professional standards
3. Business Strategy - guidance on how to strategize a business growth
4. Branding - guidance on how to build a strong brand
5. Work Life Balance - guidance on how to engage employees with better work life balance and IT

To register for any of the above business clinic (s), kindly send your reply to to indicate
a) your preferred business clinic topic (s) and
b) a convenient meet-up date and time.


1. 3 February 2010 “Briefing on Tripartite Initiatives:~ Guidelines on Re-employment of Older Employees~ Managing Manpower Challanges for Enhanced Competitiveness and Sustainability” (Complimentary for SMa members)

This seminar looks at helping companies which are no longer confronted with excess manpower to better manage long term manpower challenges.

Please see this link 3 Feb: Briefing on Tripartite Initiatives

2. 10 February 2010 “Mergers and Acquisition (M&A) Awareness” (Complimentary)

This seminar is designed to help both owners and investors of small and medium-sized enterprises understand the basics of M&As. Participants will learn about the benefits of M&A to their organisation, the process involved and if it could be a potential expansion strategy.

Please see this link 10 Feb: Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Awareness

3. 25 February 2010 “Seminar on Asean-Australia-New Zealand and Asean-India Free Trade Agreements” (Complimentary for SMa members)

It has always been critical for companies to find ways to reduce their cost of doing business in the region in order to stay competitive. This seminar is designed to help companies leverage on the benefits accorded by Asean-Australia-New Zealand and Asean-India Free Trade Agreements, which come into force on 1 Jan 2010, to create opportunities for greater cost competitiveness.

Please see this link 25 Feb: Seminar on AANZFTA and AIFTA

Thank you


Jessica Lee
Enterprise Development Centre@SMa
An ENTERPRISEONE Initiative of SPRING Singapore
DID : 6826 3025
FAX : 6826 3021

Sunday, February 7, 2010

What Do Your Shoes Say About You?

Classic pumps
Classic pumps are the staple accessories of a successful professional woman. "Your values are basic: Work hard, get paid well, use your brain, value your family and friends, and give back," says Meghan Cleary, author of The Perfect Fit. You are also intelligent, reliable and a loyal friend.

Complete the look: Get down to business with a few classic pant- and skirt-suits in neutral black, gray, navy and khaki that you can mix and match. Top off your ensemble with simple, timeless jewelry -- a pair of pearl or diamond studs, an understated ring or necklace.

Strut your stuff, girl! If there's one word to sum up your attitude, it's confidence. "You embrace your raw female power, stepping out smartly, never afraid to state what you want," says Cleary. You're a modern woman, but you're also a traditional girl at heart. "An intriguing mix of traditional and modern, deep down you believe in the fact that men provide and women look good."

Complete the look: For work, opt for close-toe stilettoes with an A-line slim-fitting skirt and matching tapered jacket and neatly tucked-in blouse. For a vampy night out, team strappy heels with a sexy black LBD or skinny jeans and tee on a weekend day.

"The Sneaker girl is all about cool, but very accessible cool," explains Cleary. You're also very witty, and often pepper your conversation with a bit of ironic or sarcastic humor just for effect.

Complete the look: Try something vintage, like a flared-leg pants with boho tee to go with your sneakers. Add a pop of color with a bright-hued messenger bag.

Women who wear these girly shoes like order and neatness in all things, according to Cleary. But boring you're not! Beneath your prim and proper exterior, you're the quintessential girly girl, and have a great sense of playfulness.

Complete the look: Pair your mary-janes with a crisp blouse and skirt ensemble and accessorize with matching pearl necklace and earrings.

Peep-toe shoes are synonymous with natural flirts. Subtlety is sexy, but you already knew it! "Wherever you are off to, you usually make a sassy entrance with your shiny open-toe heels that tilt you just a little forward, put an extra zing in your walk, and give onlookers a tiny peek of the toe cleavage."

Complete the look: Show off your shape in a fitted V-neck blouse and a full, waist-accentuating skirt matched with a pair of sexy peep-toes.

Cowboy boots
Cowboy boot girls are inherently confident ladies. They know what they like and follow their passion instead of conforming to stereotypes. They also have an intensity that run deep: "Your penetrating eyes get to the bottom of things, even in the most casual conversation," says Cleary.

Complete the look: Complement those boots with boho "The No. 1 wardrobe essential for you should be jeans," says Cleary. Try a hip-hugging, low-riding denim to show off your womanly curves. Or team with a long, flowing dress or skirt for boho-chic.


Your urgent attention is highly needed - spam

another spam email received....

The Head of File and Auditing Department,
Ouagadougou Burkina-Faso (West Africa)

REMITTANCE OF US$11,300,000.00

This message might meet you in utmost surprise, however, it's just my Urgent need for foreign partner that made me to contact you for this transaction I am a banker by profession from Burkina Faso in West Africa and currently holding the post of director Auditing and accounting unit of the bank.

I have the opportunity of transferring the left over Funds ($11.3 million) of one of my bank clients who died Along with his entire family in a plane crash.

Hence, i am inviting you for a business deal where this money can be shared between us in the ratio of 50/40 while 10% will be mapped out for expenses. I will like to inform you that this transaction is 100% risk free, WHILE further details of the transfer will be forwarded to you as soon as I receive your return mail. And also promise me that you will not disappoint me when this fund hits your account.

Meanwhile the World Bank Group has mandated the BANK OF AFRICA Burkina Faso to release this unclaimed fund immediately when the next of kin is discovered with due application.

This payment will be effected through Swift Telegraphic Transfer in conjunction with the support of the World Bank.

Your Urgent response is needed for immediate transfer of this fund IN TO YOUR RECEIVING BANK ACCOUNT.


1) Your Full Name.............................
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7) YOUR SEX....................................
8) Your Religion...............................


received this spam email.....

-----Original Message-----
Sent: Thursday, January 28, 2010 2:43 PM
To: undisclosed-recipients:

Good day

I have an urgent business proposal for you.I will need you to assist me
execute a transfer of funds from Hong Kong to your country. Please contact
me via my private email address( for more info concerning
this business.

Kind regards,
Mr Patrick K. W. Chan

The New Rules of Branding, PR & Marketing

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Dis.cover How You Can Use Facebook, YouTube, Twitter & other So.cial Media platforms to
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Recently, we conducted a survey of 100 businesses in Asia on the usage of so.cial media marketing. The survey results, which were published in newspapers, revealed that:-

So.cial media marketing has become the TOP 3 marketing activities of businesses (other than email and events) with 52% of businesses using it.
57% of businesses are on Facebook, 40% have Blogs, 28% use YouTube and 26% are on Twitter, yet 88% of them have LITTLE or NONE of their enquiries coming from online channels.

80% of respondents are considering or intends to sp.end more on so.cial media marketing, yet 65% of them states that they DO NOT HAVE THE COMPETENCY to do it effectively.

This study conclusively showed that while many businesses have jumped on the bandwagon to use so.cial media to market themselves, they are NOT GETTING THE RESULTS!

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You will get step-by-step action plan to structure, setup, integrate and implement a so.cial media driven marketing funnel.

Define Target Market and Business Objectives to be Achieved

Strategize and Perform Marketing Physics to derive Overt Benefit, Reason to Believe and Dramatic Difference

Select Tactical So.cial Media Tools to Build a So.cial Media-driven Marketing Funnel

Measuring the ROI of So.cial Media effort against Business Objectives.

Who Should Attend
Marketers, PR & Branding Consultants, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Webmasters, Web Designers, and
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So.cial Media Marketing Experts!

Seminar Details
Date: 31 March 2010 (Wednesday)
Time: 9 am - 5 pm
Ve.nue: The Learning Centre
420 North Bridge Road, #04-07 North Bridge Centre, Singapore 188727

Official Fee: S$480 per pax (this fee includes learning materials, lunch and refreshments)
Early Bird: S$380 per pax (Before 19 March)
Early Bird: S$280 per pax (Before 26 Feb)

** Group Rate
Send 5 participants from the same organisation and you only need to pay for 4 pax
(5th pax attends for


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The Manhattan Fish Market 1 for 1

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