Wednesday, October 7, 2009


What makes service truly remarkable? Service is the key differentiator between you and your competitors. Great service is not an event; it is the process that requires active, willing and competent participation of all employees.

Service must be customer-driven so that their satisfaction is the ultimate measure of our success. Customers want to do business with people who make them feel good about themselves and their decisions. How we say good-bye is as important as we say hello. The way we help to solve a dilemma is just as important as its outcome because it will determine the outcome.

1. Analyze the problems of poor customer service and how to deal with them.
2. Analyze your current methods of dealing with the customer and identify your strengthens and weaknesses.
3. Demonstrate learning and understanding of current customer care concepts.
4. Understand the value of effective customer care to your company.
5. Discuss how good customer service can be a standard and not an exception.
6. Understand what are basic customers needs.
7. Analyze the benefits of improving internal customer service.
8. How to handle upset customers and their complaints.

1. It includes discussions and exercises based on best selling book; “Moments of Truth”
2. Video interview with author of “Moments of Truth”
3. Rick has prepared a course that will sustain customer service over a longer period.
4. Trainer has more than 30 years of customer initiative experiences.
5. He prepares ‘Customer Service Champions to return to your work environment.
6. A special look at the customer care programmes of Singapore Airlines, Ritz Carlton and others. 7. It is designed with CARE which = Comprehensive and Application which can lead to Results Excellence for your organization.

Front Line Employees, Supervisors, Customer Service Managers & Executives, Sales Managers, Marketing Executives and All Self Employed Professionals.

This Workshop will also contain video interviews and film clips, global company perspectives recently obtained by Rick, examples, stories and cases. Plus group discussions, exercises, feedback questions and actual case studies and stories.

The programme will be delivered in a training atmosphere that encourages two-way communication in a non-threatening, ‘open and enjoyment environment.

DATE: 23rd Oct 2009
TIME: 8:30AM - 5:00PM
VENUE: The Tanglin Club 5 Draycott Drive
FEE: SGD 350.00
(includes 2 teas & lunch)If you register by 20th June-5% discount for individuals-10% discount for group of 5 or more

To register:
1. By fax: Please fax to Mr. David Goh: the Participants name, designation & company:(65) 68447068
2. By email:Please email to Mr. DavidGoh: the participants name,
designation &

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