Friday, October 9, 2009

Inspire & Build Teams

Date: 14th Oct 2009
Time: 9:00AM - 5:00PM
Fee: SGD 299.00
Venue: The Plaza 02-301 7500a Beach Rd

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For group of 10 and above, In-House training please email to for details.

Successful People Management to Excite Your Team

Managing people is not just about managing their work. You need to engage their hearts and spirits and get them to work as a team.
How to Motivate people and Lead them? What to do when you’ve got the wrong team? Are there sure-win ways to inspire people to do their best?

** How to get your team to make higher profits? **
Whether you’re new or old in management, if you want to get ahead in the workplace, master people management and teambuilding. Sign up this today!

Learning Outcomes:
1. How this Economy will Affect You in 2009/10
2. Top 3 Concerns: Weak Alignment, Communication and Inadequate Teamwork
3. ACT’s De-Selection Method of Hiring
4. Inspiring People in 8 Ways
5. Power of Teams in Achievement – a Game
6. ACT’s 6 Keys to Building a Winning Team
7. Motivating Under-Performers
8. Passion at Work and Responsibility
9. Developing Talents the Winner’s Way
10. What to Do When You’ve Got the Wrong Team
11. Different Strokes for Different Folks
12. Concept of Filling Buckets to Develop People
13. ACT’s 5-Way to Higher Profits Employee
14. Case Studies, Watching Video Clips & Quiz

1.1. Ready tools to energize your team
2.2. Help them overcome challenges
3.3. Foster better teamwork
4.4. Higher productivity and profits
5.5. Develop leaders and 2nd leaders
6.6. Successful People Management
7.7. Be a Better Manager and Leader!

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