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Learn 3 amazing strategies to profit in the stock market

T3B system- A time-tested system which tells you

• What stock to buy
• When to buy
• When to sell
• How to add position to maximize profit

Discover the following secrets when you attend this 3 hours free seminar

• How the stock market ACTUALLY operates
• Master the psychology of successful trading to minimize risk and maximize return
• How to avoid the costly mistakes 95% of investors make when trading the stock market
• How to identify stock trend through chart reading and trade stock with a success rate of up to 80%
• How to use CFD to buy stocks and screen for potential stocks using 15 minutes a day
• Learn stock trading using T3B trading strategies without intensive monitoring of the market
• How to use the stock market as a vehicle to effectively harvest a fortune and further compound your investment for wealth creation and accumulation
• And much much more!

Gain An Edge In The Stock Market By Attending Our 3 Hours Free Stock Seminar

Seminar Dates:

30th June (Thu) 7pm-10pm

2nd July (Sat) 3pm-6pm

7th July (Thu) 7pm-10pm

9th July (Sat) 3pm-6pm

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Call: +65 8433 5738

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Effective Interpersonal Skills for Managing Difficult Customers

By the end of this 1 day workshop, participants would be able to deliver great customer service to customers, understand & improve telephone etiquette & manners, handle stressful & difficult situations over the Telephone or face to face.

Date: 24 June 2011-Friday
Time: 9am to 5pm
Venue: River View Hotel Singapore
(Hotel) Havelock Road
Nearest MRT: Tiong Bahru

Program outline

Great Customer Service Delivery (Face-to-Face / Telephone)
- Be a Customer Service Super Star-Role Modeling the Best
- Moments of Truths Interactions with Customers
- Customer-focused Communications & Listening Skills
- Service with your Heart-Being Passionate about Service

Telephone Etiquette and Manners
- Secrets to be the Best Call Professional
- Developing a Positive & Professional Image over the Phone
- Essential Telephone Etiquette & Manners
- Overcoming the Common Mistakes in handling Phone Calls

Handling Stressful & Difficult Service Situations
- EQ and Customer Service
- Managing Increasing Work Volume & Peak Hours
- Scenario Planning for Difficult Service Situations
- Role Plays on Managing Difficult Customers over the Phone or face to face

Effective phone handling techniques
- general guidelines on phone answering techniques
- introduces telephone communicating tips

Who will benefit?
Customer Service, Sales, Receptionist,
Finance, Accounts, Operations, Logistics
& Admin staffs, who has difficulties
expressing themselves and dealing with
the difficult customers over the phone or face to face.

Short Lectures, Case Studies & Role Plays
Individual and Group Exercises
Personal Reflection & Sharing
Discussion and Feedback

Usual Course Fee $399
Early Bird & Group Discounts
$329 per participant for 1 person sign up
$296.10 per participant for 2 persons sign up
S279.65 per participant for 3 or more persons sign up

Download Form

Register Early: Fax: 6884 7640 (Registration)
Tel: 9241 4209 (Enquiries)

(Enquiries or Registration)
Contact Person: Benson


Name 1:___________________________________

Job title:___________________________________

Name 2:___________________________________

Job title:___________________________________

Name 3:___________________________________

Job title:___________________________________



Tel: ___________________Fax:________________

Contact Person: _________________Jobtitle:_______

Email: ______________________Co.Stamp:_______
Course fee Include course notes, training certificate,
refreshment and sumptuous indigenous International
buffet lunch at River Garden Coffee House.
(Halal & Vegetarian meal provided)


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Is Your Content Copyright?

received this from email...

In the last email I showed you how to use DupeFree Pro and
CopyScape to find potential unauthorised copies of your content.

Not only is plagiarism illegal but it causes duplicates of your
content which may harm your Search Engine rankings.

Is Your Content Properly Protected?

First, let me just say that I am *not* an expert on copyright law
or any other sort of law. So please don't consider any of this to
be legal advice.

However, I have done some extensive research on copyright and these
are my findings...

Note: These points are in relation to US copyright laws, but are
still relevant even if you don't live in the US.

** Basically anything you publish in any form is technically
protected by a copyright. If you write an eBook, create a software
product, write original website content, you own the copyright.

** If you hire a writer to write something for you then as long as
it was part of the agreement only you will own the copyright.

** There is one exception to the prohibition against reusing the
work of others on the Web which is reposting small excerpts of
another website when offering comments or criticism.

** One fallacy is that unless a Web site or page is accompanied by
a copyright symbol (the "c" within a circle © ), it doesn't have
copyright protection. In fact your work is copyright to you by
default, however...

** According to one website you can only take legal action against
copyright infringement if your copyright notice contains the
copyright symbol ( © ). The special html code for the copyright
symbol is: ©

** Technically speaking if someone copies something copyright to
you then you can take legal action against them. However, if you do
take legal action you need proof you are the original author. This
can be achieved through registering your copyrighted work by
filling out a form and sending it to the US copyright office
together with your material and a small fee. However, even if you
don't register for copyright, you do still own copyright to your

These are some very handy points on copyright law. A lot were news
to me! I hope you find them useful too.

So What Can You Do If You've Been Plagiarised?

Now we know where we stand with copyright, what action should we
take if the time comes...

After some thorough research I discovered these steps you can take
against someone plagiarising your copyrighted work:

1) - If you discover another site plagiarizing yours, first collect
all evidence to support your case.

2) - Next, find the owner of the site. Most sites include contact
information. If not, do a WhoIs search - type "whois" into Google
to find WhoIs directories.

3) - Then send a firm, but non-belligerent, cease-and-desist e-mail.

4) - If that doesn't work, have your lawyer send a cease-and-desist
letter to the person AND to the person's Web host.

5) - And if that doesn't work, consider having your lawyer file

Also I've read in multiple places that going straight to the
infringing person's webhost can be the best and only solution that
provides results. It does depend on the webhost but they tend to
take these matters very seriously and can disable the person's
account in an instant. You'll need ample evidence however.

You can find more information on plagiarism and copyright at the
Plagiarism Today website:

Here's a link to a sample cease-and-desist letter:

I hope the above tips have been useful to you but more than that I
hope you don't need to use them. Plagiarism disputes are ugly and
can get messy. Above all else it's important to act calmly and

Whilst this topic might seem slightly off-topic to DupeFree Pro I
feel it is actually very relevant due to the potential duplicate
content issues plagiarism can cause you.

Talk to you soon,
DupeFree Pro


Breaking Business Boundaries

Is Your Content Being Plagiarised?

this software is good for article editting... try it!

Have you ever had your website content copied by someone else
without your permission?

Besides being illegal this has the potential to cause huge problems
for your rankings because it creates duplicates of your content

Unfortunately due to the extremely accessible nature of the
internet this unscrupulous activity happens all the time.

This nasty problem raises two big questions...

1) How do you know if your content has been plagiarised?


2) What can you do about it if it has?

This is quite a big topic but none the less very important so I
have chopped it up in to two emails for you hopefully making it
easier to digest.

In this email we'll answer question 1... finding plagiarised copies
of your content online.

In the next email we'll go in to what options you have if you do
find illegal copies of your content on the web.

So, to answer the need for finding unauthorised copies of your
content we built a feature in to DupeFree Pro that can help...

Using DupeFree Pro To Fight Plagiarism

** IMPORTANT UPDATE ** - 6th May 2010
The 'Online Check' function of DFP no longer retrieves search
results numbers from the three Search Engines (Google, Yahoo,
Bing/MSN). This is due to the Search Engines updating their results
pages. The good news is the bigger and better DFP v2.0 is due for
release later this summer. Read more here:


To find potential copies of your content online all you need to do
is copy and paste or import one of your articles in to a DupeFree
Pro window pane and then click the 'Online' button.

What happens now is DupeFree Pro picks five random sentences from
the article and performs a quotes search (i.e. "a random sentence")
on each of the 5 sentences in the top three search engines (Google,
Yahoo & MSN).

A search using quotes ("...")is an 'exact match' search and so the
search engines will only return web pages that contain the exact
sentence between the quotes.

This whole process happens in the background without you seeing it,
so please be patient for DupeFree Pro to complete the task. If you
have a slow connection you may need to be a little more patient
than usual... it will finish in good time! :)

When DupeFree Pro has completed the online check a browser window
will open displaying the results.

You will be presented with 5 sets of results; one set for each
sentence checked. However, if the article was very small and
contained less than 5 sentences in total only the maximum amount of
sentences available would be checked.

Each result displays the sentence that was checked and just below
that a number is output next to the names of each search engine
that was queried: Google, Yahoo & MSN. Each number represents the
total number of results found at that specific search engine.

These numbers provide you with an idea as to whether your article
may be appearing on someone else's site. If the number is '0' you
are probably OK, but if the number is '1' or greater you may want
to check out the search results to make sure your content is not
being plagiarized.

For your convenience, these search engine results numbers are also
hyperlinks which when clicked on open the associated search engine
with the search query already performed for you. This is useful if
you want to quickly verify the results for yourself and visit the
websites that may possibly contain your content.

Another good use for the online check function is to check whether
an article you have received back from a writer is truly unique and
not simply copied off a webpage. Simply run the article through the
online check to see if it appears anywhere else online.

There's also a handy 'hidden' feature in the online check function
which enables you to force an online check of a specific section of
text rather than just letting DupeFree Pro auto-select 5 sentences
at random.

All you need to do is first select a section of text in a window
pane by highlighting the text with your mouse and then when you
click the 'Online' button DupeFree Pro will use only the selected
text when querying the Search Engines.

Another good use for this feature is checking search engine
saturation of articles you have submitted to article directories.
For example, highlight the article title in DFP and click the
'Online' button to see how many times the article has been picked
up by the top 3 SE's. Bear in mind your article title will need to
be very unique for this to be accurate.

It is important to note that this online check function is not a
definitive solution for finding plagiarised duplicates of your
content. It can only check webpage's the search engines have in
their index at that time.

Plus if DFP picks a common or very short sentence during the check
a high number of results may be returned of which many are likely
not to contain your content. So, please do use your due diligence
when using this feature of DFP.

DupeFree Pro is particularly good for checking your offline
content. However, a service already exists that is very effective
at checking your online content; the content that's already present
on your websites.

The service is called CopyScape. They have become one of the most
popular plagiarism checking services online and in fact provided
inspiration for some of DupeFree Pro's features such the
highlighting and online checker.

Visit CopyScape below to learn how to protect your online content
for free:

Now you know how to find unauthorised copies of your content in the
next email we'll cover the options you have when deciding what
action to take if you do find any.

Talk soon,
DupeFree Pro


How You Can Be A Millionaire Quicker Than Your Boss With Warren Buffet Strategies

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How do Millionaires or Billionaires like Warren Buffet build their wealth? Draw on their investment strategies and learn powerful investment lessons to create millions by investing just ten dollars a day.
Discover all these and more in our Millionaire Investor Program.

- Generate Highest Returns With Highest Level Of Safety
- Pick The Best Investments With Minimal Risk
- Cash In On The Biggest Investment Opportunity RIGHT NOW
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- Master Money Management Skills For Sustainable Wealth Building
- Create Perpetual Passive Income For The Rest Of Your Life


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8 Red-Flags He's Cheating

Of course you trust your guy'll never cheat. But if he comes home late, starts working out to get in shape, and is secretive about his cell phone calls, are you right to be suspicious? Relationship experts weigh in on eight red-flags, and how much they're a cause for concern.

1. He starts paying more attention to his looks and wardrobe
Most people are keen to come across well when they first embark on a new relationship and this red flag can be an indication that there is someone else on the horizon. Life coach and relationships expert, Rebekah Fensome, warns that taking a greater interest in his appearance could be a bad sign. "Maybe he just wants to start taking pride in his appearance, but this can be a sure sign that there is someone else he is trying to impress."

"This is generally a sign he's looking to impress someone new, or that someone new is putting her influence on the way he looks," says Lisa Daily, a dating expert who is regularly featured on the nationally-syndicated Daytime television show and author of Stop Getting Dumped! and How to Date Like a Grown-Up.

Dating coach, Peter Spalton (known in the UK as the "Dating Doctor") suggests that you should pay attention to when the attention to detail occurs. "The problem is when he only gets dressed up when he goes out without you either in the evening with his "mates" or for dress-down Friday at work."

Red-Flag Meter: 5/5

2. His father had a history of being unfaithful
You might assume that people are capable of making their own decisions and that what your parents did has no bearing on your own future conduct but for Armstrong, this isn't necessarily the case. "All of us are unconsciously influenced by our parents' behavior and even if it has been a 'secret', the subconscious mind is powerful and absorbs the behaviour and influences."

For Daily, the outcome is less clear-cut. "Men in this situation tend to go to extremes: He'll either be the most faithful guy on the planet (because he remembers vividly the fallout in his family), or he'll be socialized that cheating is normal."

Spalton, on the other hand, is not convinced that a family history of infidelity has any impact on behavior. "This is unlikely to be an issue," he argues. "If his parents split up because of an affair, he'll probably go out of his way to make sure it doesn't happen to your children (if you have any). After all he personally knows the impact a divorce can have on the kids."

Red-Flag Meter: 2/5

3. He's cheated before
A leopard never changes his spots, or does he? Armstrong stresses that a past history of infidelity should be a cause for concern. "People tend to repeat patterns and scripts throughout their lives unless they stop and start to take notice of why they are acting like this," she says. Fensome also advises getting to the root of the problem. "Ask him why he thinks that he cheated," she says. "Find out where it came from -- was he too young; did he not really want to be with that person; was it down to insecurity?"

"The greatest indicator of future behavior is past behavior -- if he cheated on his last partner, it's only a matter of time before he cheats on you," warns Daily. "If he's cheated on you and you stayed with him, you can almost guarantee he'll cheat again as well. Why? You've basically let him know that he can get away with it."

For Spalton, past infidelity isn't necessarily an indication that history will repeat itself. "A drunken one-night stand at a business conference is usually a one-off and he'll feel guilty so is unlikely to repeat it," he advises. "But it's a different story if he'd gone out of his way to chase someone at work or one of your friends. Then you do need to watch out."

Red-Flag Meter: 5/5

4. His friends are jerks
Peer pressure can be very damaging, even if it's not intentionally applied. "We tend to be influenced by our friends," Armstrong suggests.

"People with similar values and backgrounds tend to hang out together, so you can learn a lot about a guy by the friends he keeps," explains Daily. "If his friends all cheat on their partners, or if he has no problem covering for a cheating friend, I'd steer clear. If his friends are good guys who treat their partners well, that's a pretty good sign."

Red-Flag Meter: 4/5

5. He's spending less time with you
Being frozen out isn't just frustrating and hurtful -- it can also be a sign that a relationship is heading for the rocks. "Relationships need nurturing and time spent together to grow close and to feel safe," says Armstrong. "If your partner is spending less time with you and seems less interested in you, it could indicate that they are developing this intimacy and safety elsewhere."

"It might be that he feels more secure in the relationship than before or it might be that he's losing interest," adds Fensome. "Just ask him and see how he reacts but if he becomes defensive, this isn't a good sign."

Daily doesn't see this situation as being a dealbreaker by itself unless there are other worrying signs present. "This can be caused by a variety of things -- stress, needing time with friends, or to just be alone," she argues. "However, if he's spending less time with you in combination with a number of the other red flags (new wardrobe, secretive calls, etc.) it's something to pay attention to."

Red-Flag Meter: 3/5

6. He's suddenly become more attentive
As equally suspicious as a man becoming more distant is a man who suddenly becomes more attentive. Most women dream of having a romantic and attentive partner but if this hasn't been in evidence from the start, it's not always a positive development. "People may be happy with their partner but suddenly adventure beckons elsewhere offering new experiences and excitement, and they might feel guilt and want to keep everything 'okay' at home," explains Armstrong.

Fensome agrees that guilt may be a strong factor but she stresses that there may be other forces at work. "It could be genuine in that he believes that he might be losing you and has decided not to take you for granted."

"This can be a swingback caused by guilt," agrees Daily, but she stresses that it isn't necessarily a big cause for concern. "Again, this is only a red flag when coupled with the other signs. Otherwise, there's no need to panic -- don't distrust a guy just because he pays a lot of attention to you."

Red-Flag Meter: 2/5

7. He's got reasons for leaving the house more
Frequent ventures out of the house can signal trouble. Fensome advises that you need to have a frank discussion to get to the bottom of what she sees as avoidance behavior.

Armstrong agrees with this. "If your partner starts to find many reasons to leave the house, it can be a real signal that they are exiting from the relationship," she explains. "There are many ways that people do this -- through work, sport, seeing friends, hobbies etc. -- all of which can be part of a healthy relationship but if it is different behavior, it can help if you are able to talk and explore what the reasons are."

Daily agrees that you may have cause to be wary about this red flag. "If there's no real reason for leaving the house (such as a demanding new employer, or change in living situation), this is something to be wary of -- especially if the reasons for leaving are impractical or don't really fit (like claiming to want ice cream at 11 pm, and then being gone for 3 hours)," she says.

Red-Flag Meter: 4/5

8. He's changed his cell phone habits
Becoming more secretive is a big red flag, especially where cell phones are concerned. If you notice things like him locking access to his cell phone or being very vague about who he is receiving text messages and calls from, it may be time to become suspicious. "This is a big sign, unless it's the week before your birthday, anniversary or a major holiday," says Daily. "That said, a guy who has nothing to hide usually doesn't hide things."

Fensome also agrees that secretive behavior can be a bad sign. "Secretive behavior is a sure sign that someone can be having an affair," she warns.

For a healthy relationship, Armstrong stresses the importance of being open with one another and keeping the lines of communication open. "If your partner starts to change cell phone habits, explore this for sure!" she advises.

Red-Flag Meter: 5/5

"The biggest things to watch for are significant changes in behavior -- whether it's wardrobe, at work, or in the bedroom," says Daily. Bottom-line: Stay alert, but don't be overly obsessed. A single red-flag may not be a definite deal-breaker, but if you see more than one signs chances are your suspicions are right.


Your personal invitation to join IIBA

received this from email...

The world’s leading professional association for business analysis

International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) is an independent non-profit professional association serving the growing field of business analysis. For individuals like you who are working in a broad range of roles—business analysis, systems analysis, requirements analysis or management, project management, consulting, process improvement and more— IIBA® can help support your development and career growth as a business analyst. IIBA is the world’s leading association for business analysis professionals with over 19,000 members internationally.

As president of the association, I am passionate about this profession because I truly believe business analysis is the capability that will enable organizations to rise to the top in the global marketplace. At IIBA, our goal is to help organizations understand what business analysis is and how it can improve their performance. This will demonstrate the value of the business analyst role, and give professionals like you the recognition you deserve.

For only $95 U.S., the regular cost of a one year membership, you can join the international association dedicated to developing and promoting the business analysis profession. You can also take advantage of many member benefits—here are just a few:

Access to a free copy of the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge® (BABOK® Guide) v2.0
Free access to the Online Library of more than 300 books
Discounted fee for the Certification of Competency in Business Analysis™ (CCBA™) and Certified Business Analysis Professional™ (CBAP®) certification exams
Knowledge sharing and networking opportunities through the IIBA Community Network
Access to the exclusive IIBA monthly Quick Tips for Better Business Analysis™ e-bulletin
Eligibility to join a local IIBA Chapter
Access to a free copy of the Business Analysis Competency Model, including the Self-Assessment tool
Access to IIBA webinars on a wide variety of professional development topics
Plus much, much more…

"I'm constantly amazed by the great member benefits I'm getting. What I value the most: the BABOK® Guide is FANTASTIC! The bookshelf in itself is worth the membership price, the newsletter is always bringing valuable tidbits of info. I often use IIBA as an example of how a good association is managed and brings benefits to its members. Keep up the excellent work!" —St├ęphane Hamel

Become a member of our community of thousands of business analysis professionals worldwide—join IIBA today!

Kathleen Barret, IIBA President and Chief Executive Officer


Your Virtual Solution to Easy Business Communication

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Does your core business require you and your employees to take calls from customers most of the time? With rising customer expectations, rapidly evolving market conditions and growing technology, take a leaf from technology giants and switch to a virtual call centre for your business needs.

The All-Touch™ Virtual Contact Centre has all the features of a comprehensive and enterprise-class contact centre product that allows you to extend your reach in your targeted market.

Whether you run a small, medium or large company, we say concentrate on building your business, not complex telecom systems.

See how the All-Touch™ Virtual Contact Centre compare with the traditional call centre and why it is an invaluable asset to your company.

Single Location-based
Agents are seated in one location where calls are routed to them. This geographical limitation often stems the use of global talent and decrease staff flexibility.

Non-adaptable Communication
When a disaster or emergency strikes, the single location of an on-premise call centre proves fatal to its network of communication. Clients are not able to reach any of the agents.

Equipment is bought in bulk and wired up to cater to a certain number of operators. Any additions of new capabilities need time and space to implement.

Expensive startup cost
Call Centres typically have high labour turnovers. Companies have to cater for hiring and training costs and other staff benefits. Equipment setup also cost money.

Reduced Work Productivity
An on-premise call centre depends heavily on shift work. Shifts can take a toll on the physical and mental health of agents, translating into reduced productivity and return on investment.

Monitoring by Eye
Supervisors usually monitor agents personally. This takes up more time and effort than if you can monitor and update reports virtually.

Use it anytime, anywhere
Virtual Call Centre supports multi-site and home operations. All you need is a computer with internet access and users are able to deploy Business Continuity Plan at no cost. Voice quality remains high even though agents are placed in key positions world-wide.

Reliable 24-Hour Communication
Virtual Call Centre’s core servers, telephone and Ethernet network and highly-available systems ensure round-the-clock contact with clients. It can serve as a backup disaster recovery for the contact centre.

Allows instant expansion to changes in your business (such as introducing web chat, email or video other than telephone). Subscribe to the amount of capacity needed without restricting future seamless growth.

Low Cost
Reduces and even eliminates the need for specialised hardware. Offers flexible working hours, no dress code and commuting thus companies are able to lower turnover rates.
Enhanced Work Productivity
Agents are ready to start work as soon as their shift starts. They also have the freedom to manage their roles in their time zones and according to their work preferences.

Easy Monitoring Tool
Supervisors can monitor and guide agents from remote locations. If you are a contact center supervisor based in the Singapore and you have an agent in Malaysia who needs help during a call, the All-Touch call centre software will permit that in real time.


Money&You: Unlock Your Dream Life! 32 Years and Still Creating Millionaires

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Money&You® was created from the success principles of Marshall Thurber, who grew a business from USD$25,000 to USD$60M, in 3 years.

With over 70,000 graduates around the globe, the Money&You® Program has quite possibly created more Multi-Millionaires than ANY other single program in existence today. Some of the graduates include:

•Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad, Poor Dad)
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•Dato' Dr Jannie Tay (The Hour Glass)
•Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup For The Soul)
•Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield (Ben&Jerry)
•Blair Singer (Sales Partners and Little Voice Mastery)
•Many, many more!

Discover key success principles on how you can:

•Create massive breakthrough results in your business and career
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Money & You® has helped thousands of business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals bring Wealth and Abundance into their lives. Discover how YOU CAN too!