Thursday, December 22, 2011

True story happened in SINGAPORE

Hi everyone ... rec'd this message fr a friend - impt to pass it on.

Real Happenings

This probably takes you 2mins to glance thru. But it can be quite beneficial to know what is becoming of our society. Better be safe than sorry . Better to take note.

Happening 1

It also happened to my colleague who is staying in Clementi, no other block facing his block, quite quiet, only his wife was at home but all windows closed & padlock on the gate. Something happened, a guy used keys & was trying to open the door, my colleague's wife heard the noise & opened the door, the guy saw her & just said something like 'Oh sorry, wrong house', he was holding this big bunch of keys, obviously he was up to no good, but it didn't occur to them to report it to the police.
This is to warn and alert those staying in HDB.

Happening 2

It happened at my place (Clementi) last Sunday morning. My sister heard some noise at our main door( it started since 5am plus). Seems like someone is trying to open our main door and main entrance. Initially, she thought that it was someone from our family but when she look through the door, it was someone else..... a dark man wearing checks shirt - nationality unknown as he's very tan. When my father opened the door and confronted him, he gave an excuse that he's looking for someone and made a mistake. He apologised and walk away.

Happening 3

That's not all... this morning, my sister told me that her boyfriend's flat in Ang Mo Kio also encountered the same case as above. A man trying to open their door early in the morning and ran away when the owner opens the door.


Be WARNED... make sure your doors are always securely locked.
Call the police immediately.
DON't Open the door to confront them..(we made a mistake here ), the person might be armed..
Be alert at all times especially during the bad times now.

I wonder if anybody have such experience.. It seems like it is happening here and there.. 3 cases that i've known so far. Real story from some one in Singapore. Not to scare you but just for precaution... A chilling yet important tip.

Another separate happened scenario

WOMEN SHOULDN'T LET HOUSE KEYS STRAY FROM THEIR SIDE I would like to warn women, especially young women,about the danger of giving their car keys with their house keys attached to anyone.

A good friend's daughter went to a well-known tire company to have a flat tire repaired while she waited. Without thinking, she handed her key ring with all her keys on it to the serviceman and waited. What she didn't know is that most of these places also have machines that make copies of keys. One of the servicemen copied her apartment key, and two days later, entered her apartment late at night and raped her. This was a business she frequented, and they had all the information in their computer about where she lived, her phone number, etc. The man was caught months later and the police found out that he had done this before. He is now in jail, and my friend's daughter is trying to go on with her life. I called my daughter right away and told her this story so she could learn from it, too. Please, warn your readers to have their personal keys on another key ring or have a key ring that separates the car keys from one's personal keys. Perhaps
this will save another woman from tragedy. You may never know how many tragedies you have prevented today. So gentlemen, though your chances of getting rape is slim, you may get robbed. Nevertheless do your wife or lady friends a favour, cautioned them

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