Friday, December 16, 2011

70% WDA-funded Programme for Placement and Training

received this info from email...

Do you know that in a recent press release, the Singapore government said there will be a sharp decrease in economic growth? Businesses may reduce hiring. You need to start preparing by acquiring more skills and making yourself more valuable to employers.

To help Singaporeans and Permanent Residents like yourself prepare for the expected economic slowdown, we are working with WDA to help you upgrade your skills and competencies. This WDA-funded programme is called the NICF Diploma in Software and Applications (Requirement Gathering and Process Redesign).

This programme aims to provide you with professional qualifications in ERP Systems that can be your starting point to a successful career in the SAP ERP industry. The programme can also provide you knowledge and practical skills in enterprise resource planning, which most Top MNCs value!

Out of hundreds of applicants we have received, several have successfully qualified for the programme. We welcome more qualified candidates to apply.

WDA funding for this program is very limited!

So if you have not registered for the course yet, we urge you to register to our WDA-funded program now before the economic slowdown catches up with you.

Through the NICF Diploma in Software and Applications (Requirement Gathering and Process Redesign), you will:

  • Acquire the skills and qualifications to assume SAP ERP job roles
  • Get up to 70% Course Funding
  • Make yourself more valuable to your current employer, OR
  • Get hired by Top Singapore MNCs using the SAP ERP system

So if you are a Singaporean or PR, you should register now and take advantage of this opportunity.


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