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Finding Out You and Your Partner's Compatibility

First you have to know you and your partner's Chinese Zodiac signs.
Then find out your group number according to the zodiac signs and the birth
month in the table below.

|----------------------+------+ -------------------+------|
| Zodiac Sign |Group | | Birth Month |Group |
Rat, Horse, Rabbit, | 1 | |February, May, | 1
Rooster | | |August, November |
Tiger, Monkey, Snake, | 3 | |January, April, | 3
Pig | | |July, October |
Dragon, Dog, Ox, Ram | 4 | |March, June, | 4
| | |September, December|


Let's imagine the boyfriend is an ox born in March (4,4) and the girlfriend
is a rabbit born in January (1,3).
Add the two numbers for the boyfriend (4+4=8) and then add the two numbers
for the girlfriend (1+3=4).
Add those two results (8+4=12).
The sum is the number you would look in the table below, which tells you
the compatibility.

| Sum | Result |
| 4 |This couple is more likely associated to be friends |
| Stability but |because they are so comfortable with each other, which |
| both are too |makes their family environment very inviting and |
| stubborn |youthful. But both parties have to be careful to drop |
| |their stubbornness or there will come a time of great |
| |pain. They also should not hurt each other's pride. |
| 5 |Things don't always work according to the plan and this |
| Need Sexual |will be a struggle for this couple. Both people want |
| Harmony |walk toward a different direction, which would end up as|
| |a severe problem. The birth of a child will resolve this|
| |problem and both will realize the importance of |
| |understanding the other person. It is a necessity to |
| |change the bedroom environment for this couple every |
| |once in a while. |
| 6 |Destiny could not bring together a more blessed couple |
| Match Made In |than this one and problems for them are never too big |
| Heaven |enough to solve. There will be continuous sunshine as |
| |their lives go on. They will enjoy raising their |
| |children and the family's customs will be passed on to |
| |the next generation. If there is anything to watch out |
| |for it is the health for this match made in heaven. |
| 7 |This couple shares an abundance of love and they are so |
| Devotion |compatible that it is easy for one to pull and the other|
| |to push, so that all matters of affair are completed mu |
| |ch faster. These two will make sure that none of their |
| |children will suffer and the whole family will sustain a|
| |level of peace without any turbulences occurring as |
| |during their lives. Sometimes it is better to hide some |
| |of the zealous enthusiasm for the relationship to work |
| |better. |
| 8 |This couple knows that the existence of a being and the |
| Passionate |home affairs alike start from scratch and progress. That|
| |is why they will not be worried about material |
| |possessions when they start their journey together. |
| |Their fortitudes are strong that they will become |
| |prosperous together. What they have to watch out for is |
| |not to forget their manners, even as the days go by |
| |together. |
| 9 |There lies a vast difference between this couple's |
| A Family |opinions that this may have an effect mentally as time |
| |goes by. It may develop to more profound problems if |
| |there doesn't exist self-sacrifice or a broad generosity|
| |for the other person. Between love and hate, exists |
| |happiness when one abandons high expectations but rather|
| |empties it out. |
| 10 |This relationship built upon cordial affection that |
| Success, Luck |there is no troubling sign in regards to their |
| |happiness. There will be a great amount of bliss in this|
| |family and there is also the fortune of raising a child |
| |that will become an important figure in society. If |
| |there is a flaw in this relationship it will be the |
| |short separation they will survive during their early |
| |years of marriage. |
| 11 |Both people expect to receive than to give to the other |
|Love's Obstacle |person, which makes this a very selfish rendezvous. |
|And Heated Words|There will be too many complaints eventually a wall will|
| |exist between the two, where communication is defunct. |
| |If this relationship wants to survive, both have to |
| |introspective and realize what they could do for the |
| |other person first before they think about themselves. |
| 12 |Although this harmonious couple acts as one body, there |
| The book of |will be a few pitfalls during their lives' span, where |
| Changes |slight competition between the two will exist. Friction |
| Unfolds-Peace |is always present in a couple's relationship but this |
| Occurs In The |will only last temporarily for these two. If they both |
| Later Years |keep an open mind, they are destined to happily grow old|
| |together. |
| 13 |The tree's natural resource of survival is water and |
| Love's |this couple will live in beautiful harmony just like |
|Progress-Strong |that. The wife shows devotion to her husband and the |
| Jealousy |husband adheres to his wife's wishes. Life for them is |
| |so wonderful that others may be jealous of that fact. |
| |They will be blessed with great wealth including |
| |material possession, health, and loving children. If |
| |there exists a weakness, it is love's jealousy on both |
| |parts that would account for some distrust. |
| 14 |You are not incompatible like water and fire but living |
| Family |together may bring lots of pain into this relationship. |
|Discord-Emotiona|There is a high likelihood that you may not persevere |
| l Ignorance |together due to the strain. Both have to be conscious |
| |about trying to understand the other person and be |
| |willing to give in at times. It is just as important to |
| |utilize intelligence in a relationship as in school or |
| |work. |
| 15 |Your passion quickly sets on fire and loses its spark |
|A Heartbreaking |just as fast in this relationship. There are many layers|
| Couple-Late |of complications between you two and thus will suffer |
| Marriage |many hardships together. No matter how many you try to |
| Advisable |break up, you are inseparable due to fate. If you want |
| |to avoid the stormy weathers, then decide to get married|
| |later. |
| 16 |This couple will always have a newlywed atmosphere |
| Perfect |around them. There is great, vital energy in the |
| Combination |couple's affection and there will be lots of laughter |
| |going on in this family. With the couple's initial |
| |meeting develops a favorable change of luck for both of |
| |them and this is why they develop affectionate feelings |
| |for each other. If both will pursuit to work together |
| |toward one goal, their fortune in everything will |
| |multiply in many folds. A person who was born in winter |
| |matches with someone who was born in summer and vice |
| |versa in order to balance the cosmic dual force |

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