Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Spirit of Singaporeans

received this from email...

One day a plane crash into an unchartered forest. there were a handful of survivors, each from a different nationality. (due to eroded memory it's down to only - japanese, chinese, german, american, french, mexican and singaporean)

they wandered through the thick undergrowth and eventually reach civillisation. a tribe to be exact. unfortunately for them the tribe is hostile and captured them.

tribe leader: the prophecy is true!!!! 7 outlanders have arrived! the doomsday is near! we must make an Ark with their skins n cross the rivers to find a new home in far away lands!!!

and so, to honor their human sacrifice, each survivor is allowed to die according to their customs.
The tribe executor went up to the mexican with an array of weapons. The mexican snatched the american's wallet and escape. But was speared to death while crossing their tribal border.

The german, all solemn, picked up a handgun, without saying anything, shot himself in the head.

The fat american kid went rapping "yo, dats no cool nigga, yo!" picks up the handgun, and starts shooting blindly at the tribal warriors, missing all his shots. "oh fuck" he says as the tribal warriors speared him to death.

The french starts scolding the tribal warrior and refuse to do anything. The warrior was so furious with his stuck up attitude and slit the french's throat.

the japanese, very quickly snatched a samurai sword, slashing the warrior and 2 of his bodyguards, then commit senpukku.

the chinese, all furious, grabbed a sabre, and using his chinese kungfu, killed 12 tribal warriors before being defeated.

Having so many of his men died to asians, the tribal leader ordered maximum security when they come to the singaporean, who closely resembles the japanese and chinese.

the singaporean reject the array of weapons. took out a set of cutlery he stolen from the plane, and start stabbing him self ALL OVER. all the while mumbling something repeatedly as if in a trance.

the tribe was shocked. they have never seen such a way of dying and cannot fathom what reason could give birth to such a custom. and so the tribal leader finally can't bear it and asked,"WHY? WHY SO PAINFULLY? WHY ALL THIS MADNESS?"

the singaporean, still stabbing himself all over the body, says...

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