Saturday, May 30, 2009

New interface for AdWords account

received this from Google team...

In the coming weeks, we'll upgrade your AdWords account to a new web interface designed to make campaign management faster and easier. You can try it now; log into your account to use the new interface immediately.

You'll have at least 30 days from the date of this email before you'll be required to use the new interface to manage your campaigns. During this time we'll continue to release additional features and make adjustments to the new interface based on advertiser feedback.

We're working to ensure that the new interface contains all of the reports and controls you need to manage your campaigns effectively. We won't upgrade your AdWords account to the new interface until we're confident that it will meet your advertising needs.

Before we upgrade your account, you can switch between the new and previous interfaces at any time. Click the "Previous Interface" and "New Interface (Beta)" links in the top corner of your account (next to your email address) to switch back and forth.

To make sure that you're prepared for the upgrade, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the new interface as soon as possible. We've prepared a set of online materials to help you get ready for the changes:

* Review the new interface microsite to get a quick overview of the changes and watch videos demonstrating the improvements:

* Our "Getting Started Guide" will give you an overview of major new features and their benefits. You can download a PDF at:

* Wondering how to complete common AdWords tasks in the new interface? Visit our "How to" guide at:

* Search a full set of frequently asked questions in the Help Center for the new interface:

The help materials above will still be available after your account has been upgraded.

We hope you find that the new interface increases your advertising efficiency and makes it easier for you to improve your results. If you have any thoughts about the new interface, please let us know by clicking on the Feedback link in the top corner of your account. And as always, thank you for advertising with AdWords!

The Google AdWords Team

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