Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Beware of fake DBS website

received the following info from email... be careful when going to DBS Internet-Banking...

Last night at around 8:20 pm, I tried to log on to DBS internet banking. I clicked on my Favorites and I was brought to the website below. If you are a DBS i-banking user, you will readily notice that this website seems to be different as it is asking you for your DBS iB secure PIN right on the first page. Typically, you will only be asked for the DBS iB secure PIN after
you have successfully keyed in your User ID and Password. In any case, since I did not suspect anything wrong, I keyed in the three numbers required. After I have entered the numbers, a new webpage appeared saying that I should wait for the SMS One Time Password (OTP). I waited for a few seconds and none came.

That's when I suspected that something was wrong. So I called up DBS hotline and I was told that the website below is NOT their website. So DBS immediately cancelled my i-banking services and verified that none of my monies were transferred.

When I used my home computer and my colleague's office computer this morning to log on to DBS again, thankfully I was brought to the right website.

I think that either my office computer or DBS' website (or both) had been compromised. In any case, I sent DBS a print-screen copy of the website as well as details of the URL. They said they will investigate. The customer service officer said that there are some cases similar to mine that have been reported to them previously.

See attached to see how fake DBS website looks like:

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