Tuesday, May 26, 2009

RITZ CARLTON SPORE: Countdown to lunch promotion!

SINGAPORE – May 11, 2009 – With a culinary team known for its expertise in transforming
quality ingredients into a freshly prepared buffet smorgasbord, Greenhouse is a popular destination
for power brokers and epicureans alike. From now till August 31, 2009, "Countdown to Lunch"
gives the lunch hour crowd more reasons to celebrate an occasion, organise an office lunch or
simply enjoy a leisurely indulgence at the weekday International Lunch Buffet.
Guests confirming reservations for the International Lunch Buffet will be rewarded based on how
far in advance their reservation is made:
* 5 days' advanced booking and beyond - 50 percent off the food bill
* 4 days' advanced booking - 40 percent off the food bill
* 3 days' advanced booking - 30 percent off the food bill
* 2 days' advanced booking - 20 percent off the food bill
* 1 day's advanced booking - 10 percent off the food bill

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