Sunday, July 26, 2009

Siloso Beach

received this from email...

Why you need to avoid Siloso beach.

hey all,

2 weeks ago, Mom's friend's daughter went to siloso beach to frolick in the sun and sea and returned home with not just the sports bra tanline but a set of child's handprints and one more on the shoulder, a bigger hand. If you look carefully in the first photo, you'll see the really long nails on the bigger hand.

So they went to the temple and checked and apparently a child-ghost tried to push her into the water but didnt the adult-ghost tried on her right shoulder, didnt' work as well. turns out that, as Buddhists, the god they were praying to at home was protecting her.

Freaky.. I guess this explains the one-drowning-incident-a-year problem at Siloso beach. Avoid deep waters or late nights there if you can.

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