Thursday, September 8, 2011

Blogger Outreach Newsletter: New Photo and Video Sharing Facebook App

A new opportunity to share with you from Technorati Media’s Blogger Outreach program.

We connect you with worldwide brands for access to everything from movies and music to smartphones and cereal for product reviews, breaking news and content exclusives, including; unique Facebook applications that allow you to express yourself, like the Memory Mapper recently launched from Visa.

Share Your Travel Adventures with Visa Memory Mapper

Have you recently taken a trip with special meaning to you? Did you make some lasting memories along the way? Encounter any surprises or happy accidents?
Visa invites bloggers to recreate their travel adventures with a new Facebook application – Memory Mapper. The Memory Mapper is an easy and unique way to share your personal travel stories and meaningful, exciting moments with a virtual keepsake that utilizes Google Maps satellite technology.

Use the options the Memory Mapper provides – upload photos and videos from your trip, add captions, a soundtrack and geotag where these memories were created – to retell your special story and share it with the world (blog, Facebook, Twitter, or e-mail).

Participate in the State of the Blogosphere Survey
Each year, we take an in-depth look at different segments of the blogosphere.

The 2011 report will launch in early November. Look for your invitation to participate in the survey in late August. Last year, we had a record number of blogger participants. Thanks again to all of you who responded.

If you're interested in being interviewed for the survey, contact us at

Technorati Media Blogger Outreach Opportunities
Bloggers, what can we say… You are in demand! We’re interested in working with you based on what you are already doing – sharing your passion, knowledge and opinions about anything and everything.

Whether it’s blogging opportunities for breaking announcements or sponsored posts for product reviews or topics you care about.

Technorati Conversational Ads with blogger feeds also feature in these campaigns and receive millions of impressions–that’s a lot of potential new readers and followers.

Keep an eye out for Blogger Outreach opportunities coming to your inbox soon.

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