Tuesday, July 5, 2011

DupeFree Pro

received this email updates on the software...


Mike from DupeFree Pro here.

Just want to quickly update you on DupeFree Pro v2, as well give you a very special deal on a new product of ours as a way of saying "thank you" for being part of DupeFree Pro v1 :-)

First of all, the private beta for DFP v2 has been going very well. The software is looking great and I'm excited to say we are extremely close to the first public release. It's literally about a week or two away now, so keep a look out for an email announcing it soon!

DupeFree Pro is our core business focus these days and the journey has been quite a ride since we first started giving out DFP v1 about 4 years ago. Some of you have been with us all this time and others are still joining now. But no matter how long you've been with us, we are extremely grateful for you being part of DFP.

And so before v2 relinquishes v1 to the archives, I'd like to give you a very special offer on a new product we just released as a way of saying "thank you" for being part of DFP v1...

We've been working on a smaller side project called the Easy Popover Generator. It's actually something that, again, we had made for ourselves and found it really useful so we decided to flesh it out and turn it in to a product.

The Easy Popover Generator makes creating customized popovers for your websites "point and click simple". It really makes the whole process a breeze and actually kinda fun!

I'd like to give you the chance to get it at a hugely discounted price - only $27 which is a whopping 70% off the full value price of $97!!

Simply use this coupon code in the checkout: EPGDFPV170

Please don't share this coupon though, it's a special deal just for you.

You can check out the Easy Popover Generator here:

Also, as I can't have this coupon getting loose online forever, the coupon code will expire on the 7th of June (next Tuesday). So definitely check it out before then.

Even if it's not something you're interested in please do check out the website and let me know what you think. Especially the video, I had a musician make the music for it and I think it's great! The video is near the top of the homepage:

Anyway, thanks again for being part of DFP v1. It means a lot to us and hopefully when v2 is released in a week or two, it'll be a welcome update for you! :-)


P.S. Go check out my new product, the "Easy Popover Generator", and let me know what you think:

If you like it, use the coupon code "EPGDFPV170" before the 7th of June (next Tuesday) to get 70% off!!


Admin said...

Do you still have a new coupon c ode

rauff said...

The coupons doesn't works man
Do you have other coupon?

CarIng said...

try this: