Thursday, July 14, 2011

DupeFree Pro v2 Release Date & Sneak Peek!

Good news!

We can finally give you a concrete official release date for DupeFree Pro v2!

(Yes, we're equally amazed! lol )

DupeFree Pro v2 will be replacing v1 on:

>>> Monday July 18th @ 12:00 Noon EDT <<<

Mark this date in your calendars now.

You can also check out the countdown timer we've added to the homepage to see how long is left to wait! :)

So DupeFree Pro v2 is about ready - we're just ironing a few last things out and putting together the new website and materials as we speak.

Originally we were hoping to have released DFP v2 a week or so ago but, as usual, some unexpected complications arised adding further delay. However, after the next couple of weeks (and a much needed family summer holiday!), DupeFree Pro v2 will finally be available :)

Upon release, DFP v2 will be offered at a great discount because we are releasing it as a public beta first. So if you're looking to get the new DupeFree Pro, this will be a great opportunity to get it at a *huge* discount.

Thanks again to everyone for sticking with us over the years. I really hope DupeFree Pro v2 will meet all your expectations - we have huge plans for it!

You can get a little 'sneak-peek' of the new interface here:

Thanks and chat again soon



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