Sunday, February 7, 2010

What Do Your Shoes Say About You?

Classic pumps
Classic pumps are the staple accessories of a successful professional woman. "Your values are basic: Work hard, get paid well, use your brain, value your family and friends, and give back," says Meghan Cleary, author of The Perfect Fit. You are also intelligent, reliable and a loyal friend.

Complete the look: Get down to business with a few classic pant- and skirt-suits in neutral black, gray, navy and khaki that you can mix and match. Top off your ensemble with simple, timeless jewelry -- a pair of pearl or diamond studs, an understated ring or necklace.

Strut your stuff, girl! If there's one word to sum up your attitude, it's confidence. "You embrace your raw female power, stepping out smartly, never afraid to state what you want," says Cleary. You're a modern woman, but you're also a traditional girl at heart. "An intriguing mix of traditional and modern, deep down you believe in the fact that men provide and women look good."

Complete the look: For work, opt for close-toe stilettoes with an A-line slim-fitting skirt and matching tapered jacket and neatly tucked-in blouse. For a vampy night out, team strappy heels with a sexy black LBD or skinny jeans and tee on a weekend day.

"The Sneaker girl is all about cool, but very accessible cool," explains Cleary. You're also very witty, and often pepper your conversation with a bit of ironic or sarcastic humor just for effect.

Complete the look: Try something vintage, like a flared-leg pants with boho tee to go with your sneakers. Add a pop of color with a bright-hued messenger bag.

Women who wear these girly shoes like order and neatness in all things, according to Cleary. But boring you're not! Beneath your prim and proper exterior, you're the quintessential girly girl, and have a great sense of playfulness.

Complete the look: Pair your mary-janes with a crisp blouse and skirt ensemble and accessorize with matching pearl necklace and earrings.

Peep-toe shoes are synonymous with natural flirts. Subtlety is sexy, but you already knew it! "Wherever you are off to, you usually make a sassy entrance with your shiny open-toe heels that tilt you just a little forward, put an extra zing in your walk, and give onlookers a tiny peek of the toe cleavage."

Complete the look: Show off your shape in a fitted V-neck blouse and a full, waist-accentuating skirt matched with a pair of sexy peep-toes.

Cowboy boots
Cowboy boot girls are inherently confident ladies. They know what they like and follow their passion instead of conforming to stereotypes. They also have an intensity that run deep: "Your penetrating eyes get to the bottom of things, even in the most casual conversation," says Cleary.

Complete the look: Complement those boots with boho "The No. 1 wardrobe essential for you should be jeans," says Cleary. Try a hip-hugging, low-riding denim to show off your womanly curves. Or team with a long, flowing dress or skirt for boho-chic.


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