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Understanding Contract Laws for Non-Legal Executives

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Understanding Contract Laws
for Non-Legal Executives
in Business Contract Writing

Acquire the knowledge of contract laws to protect your organization and businesses
against business risk and disputes in todays tough economic landscape

Course date: 26 February 2010-Friday
Time: 9am to 2.30pm
Venue: Furama RiverFront Hotel Singapore
Nearest MRT: Tiong Bahru

Program Overview
What are the elements that make up a Contract?
-Definition of a Contract
-Intention to create legal relations
-Explanation of each of the above in particular the
issue between offer and invitation to treat and the
effect of a legally binding contract.

Understanding Exclusion and Limitation Clauses in a contract
-whereby a party can either exclude
-or limit its liability in contracts entered into.

What happens in a Misrepresentation - Liability?
-where contracts had been entered into by inducement of statements
of fact that are wrong and the innocent party suffers loss/damage

What goes into the Discharge of Contracts?
-Explanation on ways by which a contract that has been entered into may be discharged.

Identifying Remedies for Breach of Contract
-Specific Performance

What is the Contracts Limitation in a breach?
- The time period within which a claim has to be proceed in court for a breach of contract

Why Attend?The program is highly suitable for all staff who needs to handle contracts and agreements
as part of their work, participants will understand

- What constitutes a valid contract and how to write them
- The elements of a good and legal binding contract and how to write the terms for legal implications
- To identify valid contracts and spot potential unfair or bias contracts
- To know the remedies available in the event of a breach of a contract by one party.

10% discount for group of 3 or more

Fees: $259 Nett only

Click HERE to download registration form cum brochure

Register Early: Fax: 6884 7640 (Registration)Tel: 9241 4209 (Enquiries)
(Enquiries or Registration)
Visit: (Online Registration)
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All fee include course notes, training certificate,
refreshment and indigenous International buffet lunch at
The Square@Furama (Halal & Vegetarian meal provided)
Pay: Corporate Training Development
Mail: 25A Jalan Membina, #06-102, Singapore 162025

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