Monday, February 8, 2010

Urgent transfer into your account and please call me.+226 7582 5096 - spam

spam email received again....

From the desk of mr Ousmane Bello Ali,
Auditing and accounting manager,
Bank of africa(B.O.A),
Ouagadougou burkina-faso.
Telephone:+226 7582 5096
Dear friend,
I crave your indulgence for the unsolicited nature of this letter, but it was borne out of desperation and current development. Please bear with me. My name is Mr Ousmane Bello Ali an auditor of Bank Of Africa(B.O.A). I discovered existing dormant account for 10years.When I discovered that there had been neither continuation nor withdrawals from this account for this long period and our banking laws stipulates that any unserviceable account for more than 10years will go into the bank revenue as an unclaimed fund.

I have made personal inquiries about the depositor and his next of kin but sadly, the depositor died with his entire family in ghastly auto crash. I only made this investigation just to be double sure of this fact and since I have been unsuccessful in locating the relatives.

I seek your consent to present yourself as the next of kin of the deceased. As an auditor in the bank I will use my position in the bank to help you becoming the next of kin to the estate, so that the proceeds of this account valued at $10.5million dollars can be transferred to your bank account, this is the story in a nutshell.

Now I want an account over seas where the bank will transfer this fund. Thereafter, I will resign and come over for the sharing and investment in your country, it is careful network and for the past eleven months I have worked out everything to ensure a hitch-free operation.

Now my questions are:-
1. Can you handle this project?
2. Can I give you this trust?

If yes, send to me your personal information as below:
Your Full name .............
Your address .............
Your country.............
Your occupation .............
Your age .............
Your private Telephone number .............

This information is necessary, consider this and get back to me as soon as possible, all what I require is your honest co-operation to enable us see this deal through, I guarantee that this will be executed under a legitimate arrangement that will protect you from any breach of the law, please get in touch with me by my e-mail to enable me outline to you the strategies on how to go about this.

Finally, it is my humble prayer that the information as contained herein be accorded the necessary attention, urgency as well as the secrecy it deserves' as you send to me your personal information, I will draft out message which you shall send to the bank for immediate attention, remain assure that it is legal and you have nothing to fear since it is 100% risk free.

I will realy appreciate you early call as soon as you recieve my e-mail proposal.

My Best Regard To All Around You,
Mr Ousmane Bello Ali.
+226 7582 5096

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