Thursday, September 17, 2009

Power Presentation and Speaking

Imagine, how much you can accomplish if you are a confident speaker.

A confident speaker can open many doors.

A confident speaker can open many eyes.

A confident speaker can make a difference.

Develop your confidence now.

Don't delay.

Types of Presentation
-Purpose and object of a presentation
-Technique in crafting types of presentations
-Differentiating types of presentation
-Effective sales presentation

Organization of a Presentation
-Understanding the power of opening
-Making your presentation memorable
-Structuring your presentation for easy retrieving
-Making your presentation go smoothly

Ingredients of an impressive presentation
-Support materials
-Rhetorical techniques
-Stories and personal experiences
-Analyzing speeches

Overcome Stage Fright
-Therapies to fight fear
-How to overcome fear of the presentation
-Sign and symptoms of fear
-Creating a state of excellence

Deliver with style
-Body language
-Platform manner
-Vocal variety
-Pause with authority

First impression, lasting impression
-Create impact
-Build rapport
-Eye contact

Think and speak spontaneously
-Thinking on your feet
-Techniques for impromptu speaking
-Delivering seamlessly and effortlessly
-Understanding the pitfalls and avoiding them

Face to face with audience
-Audience analysis
-Using visual aids
-How to handle difficult audience
-Handling questions and answers

DATE: 23rd to 24th Sep 2009
TIME: 9:00AM - 5:00PM
VENUE: The Furama Riverfront Hotel [MAP]
FEE: SGD 880.00
EARLY BIRD: SGD 820.00 if register by 10th Sep 2009

To register via fax, please click here to fax the form to (65) 6327 7155.
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