Saturday, December 26, 2009

Thanks for reading - spam

another spam email received...

My name is John Barnes. I am the attorney of Late Mrs Ama Sumani, who died in transit going back home from London UK. I have a business proposition for you.

Before the death of my late client, she lodged huge amount of money in a security vault/company here in Europe, amounting to (three million pounds). And she left behind strict instructions on secrecy and top confidentiality of her funds in the security company. And the only person aware of the funds is me been her attorney. And she left instructions with the security company that, it is only her lawyer that knows about the funds in their custody.

Unfortunately, Mrs Sumani had no next of kin as she had no children and she didn't appoint any inheritance. It is on this note, that you come in, I would like you to stand as the next of kin whom I will appoint and notify the security company that you are the actual next of kin appointed by Mrs Sumani before her death. Please, have nothing to worry about, as I will commence processing all legal documentations certifying you as the Sole-Beneficiary to Late Sumani, Be rest assured that all documents will be processed according to the law.

If you agree to do this with me, we shall both share the total amount of 40/60 %. If you oblige then kindly send me your full name, Age, address, telephone and country, in order for me to prepare the necessary documents for the funds to be released to you.

Kindly note that this transaction requires maximum confidentiality. Kindly response to me ( I await your response.

John Barnes

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