Friday, February 3, 2012

Vote For YOUR Favorite Future Add-On Module! - DupeFreePro

Whether you've upgraded to the new DupeFree Pro v2, or even if you
still use the old version, we would like to invite you to vote on
our new poll...

As you probably already know, there are a number of planned add-on
modules for DupeFree Pro. However, unfortunately we can't develop
them all at once.

So, to make sure we get YOUR most favored add-on module released to
you first, we need your help...

To instantly increase the development priority of the future add-on
module that interests you most, simply place your vote at the blog

Voting literally takes a second, and gives you a chance to get the
add-on module that interests YOU, released sooner than the rest!

Be sure to read the short descriptions for each planned add-on
module before placing your vote:

It will be interesting to see which module wins! :-)

Thanks for voting if you do!


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