Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Make Money With DupeFree Pro!

You can now earn 50% of every sale of any DupeFree Pro module, and
30% residual monthly income from any sales of the Unlimited
Subscription option! :-)

Check out the full details at the new DupeFree Pro affiliate
program page:

And with cookies that last 10 years, you can earn from future
yet-to-be-released add-on modules if your referrals buy again, even
years from now!

We've made it super quick and easy to get started with the DFP
affiliate program. Jump on over to the affiliate page to see how
you can start earning money by telling others about DupeFree Pro:

As a bonus, we've also made available some DupeFree Pro Badges
which you can display on your website to show that you check your
content is unique with DupeFree Pro...

For example, if you're a writer, you can display one of these
badges on your website for an easy way to add value to your
rewriting services. You can do this whether you still use the old
DFP v1 or the new v2 DFP.

You can also display these badges on any website to show that you
check for copies of your content online, thus warding off would-be
content thieves.

Plus, these badges can be used with in conjunction with your
affiliate link, so you can even make money at the same time! Check
them out at the affiliate program page by scrolling down to the
section titled "Unique Content Badges":

If you have any questions about the affiliate program, or require
some specific promotional material not already available on the
affiliate page, or if you need help getting started, just give me a
shout at the helpdesk:

Thanks and talk again soon.

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