Monday, October 17, 2011

Get DFP v2 For Less Than a Movie Ticket! - DupeFreePro

Are you still using the old version of DupeFree Pro?

You might be interested to know that you can now get access to the all new DupeFree Pro v2, and all of the add-on modules, for less than the price of a movie ticket!

This week we released an awesome new add-on module, and updated DFP's pricing making it affordable for everyone :-)

Check out the full details here at the DFP blog:

We've got some other cool things planned with DupeFree Pro that
will benefit you even if you are still using the old version, so
keep an eye out for more details on that soon.



P.S. Access all of DFP v2 for less than the price of a movie ticket:

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