Monday, October 17, 2011

Get 5 times more enquiries for your business


Your business is currently listed at

Just by having photos, your chances of getting enquiries increases by 5 times!

See example of Amara Shopping Centre Building Directory & you’ll understand why.

If you have some time, pls upload your business photo’s / images at

(i.e your shop, reception, signage or pictures of your colleagues working).

You can upload Via;


a. Download the iphone App

b. Search for your business name and

c. Take some photo’s of your place and

d. Submit.


a. Search for your business name here

b. Claim your business listing

c. Login to upload the images (you can also add some description about your business)

Before you know it, your enquiries will start to increase J

If you need help, pls contact myself or my editor @


Amanda Soh

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