Saturday, November 14, 2009

Hi - spam

received this email from this spam email sender:
be careful, do read...


My name is Elena, I has 32 years and I applying to you from Russia. I
employment in town library and I can use computer afterward work when
possible. We are having serious problem and I decided to send you this
desperately letter.

I have little daughter Anghelina, she is 8 years old, her father abandoned
us and we live together with my mother.

As result of deep economical crisis lately my mother miss job (a bakery
where she was worked was closed) and our situation became horrible.

Gas and electricity price is very expensive in our province and we unable
use it to heat our home anylonger.

It is very cold already in our region and weather becomes colder each day.
We very much distressed and we can not suppose what to do.

Only possibility for us to heating our home is to use portable wood burning
oven which provide heating from burning wood. We have sufficiency wood in
our city and this oven will heat our sleeping room completely winter for
minimal price.

Regrettably, we cannot purchase this oven in our local shop because it price
8170 rubles (equivalent about 191 Euros) and we don't have too much money.

If you own any old portable wood-fire oven and if you finished using it, we
will be very thankful if you can donation it for us and organize transport
this oven to our home (180 km from capital of Russia). That oven can be
different , they can be made from cast iron and weight 100 - 150kg.

I expect your answer.



Eddie said...

Hi, I don't know you, but I received the same exact email. Do you think it's fake like me? They didn't really ask for money, but still...

Eddie B.

Anonymous said...

I received the same message and don't even know where this girl got my e-mail address from (I didn't post it anywhere on the Internet). I'm pretty sure this is fake, and if it's not, then I'm sorry, I'm not a charity or something, I'm struggling to get by with the little money I have myself.

Anonymous said...

Funny is she doesn't request money but a wood burning oven.. How expensive it will be to ship it to somewhere near Moscow from any other country.
More understandable scam if she wrote "Please help us collect money so we can buy the oven".
Why get an oven.. And probably resell it and all the trouble when money is so much easier..

I know this is scam for I recieved it though it was addressed to another e-mail.

Though, a "funny" scam for once.