Saturday, November 14, 2009

From S$ 3.30 a day, you can now sell your products at our new Suntec Singapore cell box shop

received this notification from

(This is special promotion for users only)

I am Kent (co-founder of In my previous email to you, I introduced the coming new cell box shop, to you.

Originally, it was targeted to be lauched in Nov. Due to some delay on the tenancy negotiation, the launch date will be changed to December (i.e. before 10 Dec in order to catch the Christmas crowd).

The tenancy with Landlord is now confirmed. Our first cell shop will be at Suntec Singapore. Do find out more details on! We will open more shops if we find more prime and suitable locations.

Thank for previous overwhelming responses, we only left limited cell boxes. You may still make an online reservation to enjoy the speical monthly rate S$ 99 / box.

If you have previously reserved boxes, we'll send you another emails regarding deposits and cell box rental payment issues.

If you are still considering our offer? Here is some recalls:

"Have you ever thought of selling your products in a Prime shopping area shop? You may ever dream of how many folds of sales figures will be increased if you can afford the high rent and sales person salary there. I also have such dream as you do. Therefore, I come out an idea and wish it will benefit everyone.

We set up a new operation recently, it is called Our objective is to open a new cell shop at Prime shopping area. We are inviting pioneer sellers to join us to grow together. Our cell box users can then rent cell box to display their products for the general public. We'll provide sales persons to assist you to sell to the customers.

As an accountant myself, I truly understand your concern on how high rental charge of the cell box will be. Unlike other cell shop owners, we simply look for mutual benefit and our focus is not on profit maximization. Therefore, we can offer you a far cheaper rental charge. Our cheapest rate is just S$ 99 per month (comparable with minimum S$ 150 or above that other companies may charge you). Besides, our shortest rental period is just 1 month, comparable with 3 months or more that other companies may insist. And we do not impose any sales commission. So you can get all your sales proceeds. We are sure that our rate and shortest term will benefit a real online sellers like you do.

Since the number of cell boxes are very limited, we'll accept new application based on first come first serve basis. Do act fast to grab the best box for you."

If you have further question, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best regards,

Kent Kwok (FCCA, CPA HK, MBA)
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