Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Levi's GSS promotion starts on 2 June 09

Just to let everyone know of the GSS promotion for Levi's which is kicking off today.

It is really unbelievable, better than our staff discount.

When you purchase a regular pair of Jeans that is above S$100 from the store, you will be given a S$100 voucher to be use for your next purchase in the same store.

So if the Jeans is S$109.90, after paying you will receive a S$100 voucher to buy anything from the store except Brief, Sock, Watches and Shoes.

There is no min purchase require for the use of the S$100 voucher.

Redemption can be 100% of the voucher without having to top up any more cash if the amount add up to S$100 exactly, however, if it exceed then you will have to top up the difference.

So hurry down to any of the Levi's store to make your purchases.

Happy shopping!

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