Sunday, July 29, 2012

Drink water when you wake up to go to the toilet.

Hi All
Came across this very useful from a cardiologist. The advice is to put
a glass of water beside you when you sleep,
so that when u wake up to go toilet at night, u can drink some.
Reason being:
When we sleep, we are without much water in the body for 8-10 hrs,
moreover, our skin perspire , looses water without us knowing. Hence,
our blood is normally thicker when we sleep, that can trigger heart
attack or stroke more easily.
And they notice that older people normally get heart attack and stroke
more easily between 4-6 AM , morning time..
more so during winter time(here it's in air cond room) , because
during winter, our body temperature is warm when in bed,
and when we wake up, its colder, arteries will shrink because of
change of temperature, and if our blood is thick, blood flow is even
more difficult. That's why it's good to have the habit of drinking
some water before we get up to walk to toilet, so as to dilute the
blood first.
He said of course, some people might say, everytime I get up from warm
bed, go out to toilet where temperature is colder, nothing happens.
Yes, out of hundred times, nothing happens, but even one time it
happens, that's it.
That's why it's good to cultivate this habit, you will never know....
and also, it's good to drink some water before bedtime, so that your
blood wont be so thick during the 8 hrs.

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