Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Your Virtual Solution to Easy Business Communication

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Does your core business require you and your employees to take calls from customers most of the time? With rising customer expectations, rapidly evolving market conditions and growing technology, take a leaf from technology giants and switch to a virtual call centre for your business needs.

The All-Touch™ Virtual Contact Centre has all the features of a comprehensive and enterprise-class contact centre product that allows you to extend your reach in your targeted market.

Whether you run a small, medium or large company, we say concentrate on building your business, not complex telecom systems.

See how the All-Touch™ Virtual Contact Centre compare with the traditional call centre and why it is an invaluable asset to your company.

Single Location-based
Agents are seated in one location where calls are routed to them. This geographical limitation often stems the use of global talent and decrease staff flexibility.

Non-adaptable Communication
When a disaster or emergency strikes, the single location of an on-premise call centre proves fatal to its network of communication. Clients are not able to reach any of the agents.

Equipment is bought in bulk and wired up to cater to a certain number of operators. Any additions of new capabilities need time and space to implement.

Expensive startup cost
Call Centres typically have high labour turnovers. Companies have to cater for hiring and training costs and other staff benefits. Equipment setup also cost money.

Reduced Work Productivity
An on-premise call centre depends heavily on shift work. Shifts can take a toll on the physical and mental health of agents, translating into reduced productivity and return on investment.

Monitoring by Eye
Supervisors usually monitor agents personally. This takes up more time and effort than if you can monitor and update reports virtually.

Use it anytime, anywhere
Virtual Call Centre supports multi-site and home operations. All you need is a computer with internet access and users are able to deploy Business Continuity Plan at no cost. Voice quality remains high even though agents are placed in key positions world-wide.

Reliable 24-Hour Communication
Virtual Call Centre’s core servers, telephone and Ethernet network and highly-available systems ensure round-the-clock contact with clients. It can serve as a backup disaster recovery for the contact centre.

Allows instant expansion to changes in your business (such as introducing web chat, email or video other than telephone). Subscribe to the amount of capacity needed without restricting future seamless growth.

Low Cost
Reduces and even eliminates the need for specialised hardware. Offers flexible working hours, no dress code and commuting thus companies are able to lower turnover rates.
Enhanced Work Productivity
Agents are ready to start work as soon as their shift starts. They also have the freedom to manage their roles in their time zones and according to their work preferences.

Easy Monitoring Tool
Supervisors can monitor and guide agents from remote locations. If you are a contact center supervisor based in the Singapore and you have an agent in Malaysia who needs help during a call, the All-Touch call centre software will permit that in real time.


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